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Accrued Revenue

Add Member

  • The process of creating a New Member record in the system.
  • This process typically involves collecting and recording basic information about the Member, such as their name, contact information, adding a Membership, and Billing details.
    Add Member

Add Payment

Add On Program

  • An additional Membership Basis option that can be added onto an existing Membership plan.
  • Allows Members to access additional Services or Facilities that may not be included in their Current Membership.
  • For example, if gym offers a basic membership plan that includes access to the gym equipment and group fitness Classes, they may also offer an Add-On membership for access to premium amenities such as a sauna, Personal Training sessions, or exclusive workout areas.
  • Add-on memberships typically come with an additional fee that is added onto the existing Membership Fee.
  • This allows Members to customize their membership plan to suit their needs and preferences, without having to upgrade to a more expensive plan.
    Membership Basis


Advanced Configuration

  • Settings and customization options available to admin staff to tailor GymMaster to their specific needs.
  • Staff require Admin level Staff Permissions in order to adjust Advanced Configuration.
    Staff Permissions


  • An API key (application programming interface) is a way for two or more computer programs to communicate with each other.
  • These act like a digital lock and key.


Bill Immediately

Bill Later

Bill Soon


Billing Cycle

Billing Frequency

Billing Period

Billing Provider

  • A third-party company that handles the financial transactions and processing of Membership Fees for the gym.
  • The billing provider integrates with GymMaster’s software to manage automated Payments, Recurring Payments, invoicing, and other financial transactions related to gym Memberships.
  • Some examples of billing providers that GymMaster supports include Ezypay, Stripe, Square.
  • By using a billing provider, gyms can streamline their billing processes and reduce administrative tasks, while also providing Members with a more convenient and flexible payment options.
  • Additionally, a billing provider can help to ensure that all financial transactions are secure and compliant with industry standards and regulations.
    Setup Billing

Billing Start Date

Bluetooth Access Token

  • Digital authentication key that allows a Member to access the gym or fitness facility using their mobile device via Bluetooth technology.
  • The token is generated by the GymMaster system and is unique to each member.
  • It is stored on the member’s mobile device and is used to grant access to the gym when the member is in close proximity to a Bluetooth-enabled access control point.

Cancel Date


Cancellation Fee

Cancellation Fee Period

Cancellation Terms

  • The conditions and policies that govern the cancellation of a Membership by either the Member or the gym.
  • These terms typically outline the circumstances under which a member can cancel their membership, the notice period required for cancellation, any fees or penalties associated with cancellation, and the process for canceling a membership.
  • Cancellation terms may vary depending on the Membership Type, the Duration of the Contract, and the gym’s policies.
    Forms and Waivers
    Attach Forms to Membership

Casual Member

  • Refers to a visitor to gym who does not have a long-term or recurring Membership commitment.
  • They may engage with the gym on a flexible basis, such as attending individual sessions on a short-term, non-committal basis.
  • Holders of a Class and Booking Pack and/or Club Visit Pack, without a full membership, are considered casual members.



Charge Per Visit


Checkbox Input Fields

  • A type of form field used to collect information from Members or staff.
  • A checkbox input field allows the user to select one or more options from a predefined set of choices by clicking on a small square box next to each option.
    Custom Member Fields


Class and Booking Pack

  • Prepaid package or bundle of visits that Member can purchase to access Classes or Services.
  • It is a pricing option that allows Member to pay in advance for a certain number of bookings, which can be used at their discretion over a period of time.
    Membership Basis

Clock In

  • The process of tracking the attendance of gym Staff or employees.
  • GymMaster offers a clock-in feature that allows staff members to log in to the system using a unique username and password or a Key Fob, which can be used to record their attendance and track their hours worked.
  • This feature can be particularly useful for gym owners and managers who need to monitor staff attendance and ensure that employees are working the appropriate hours.
    Staff Attendance

Clock Out

  • The process of tracking the time when gym Staff or employees finish their work or shift using the GymMaster software.
  • GymMaster offers a clock out feature that allows staff members to log out of the system using a unique username and password or a Key Fob, which can be used to record their clock out time and calculate their hours worked.
  • This feature can be particularly useful for gym owners and managers who need to monitor staff attendance, track hours worked, and manage employee schedules and payroll.
    Staff Attendance


  • Specific gym or fitness facility that is managed and operated by a gym owner or franchisee.
  • When the business is run as a franchise with multiple club locations, each location can be set up in GymMaster as a club.
    Add Club to GymMaster
    Club Details

Club Hours

  • The operating hours of a gym or fitness Club.
  • This includes the times when the facility is open to Members and Staff are available to provide assistance, as well as any hours when the facility may be closed for maintenance, holidays, or other reasons.
    Roster and Open Hours

Club Visit Pack

  • Prepaid package or bundle of visits that Members can purchase to access the gym.
  • It is a pricing option that allows Members to pay in advance for a certain number of visits, which can be used at their discretion over a period of time.
  • It is an option that provides Casual Members with a cost-effective way to access a gym or fitness center without committing to a long-term Membership.
    Membership Basis


Credit Note

  • A document issued by the gym to a Member, indicating that the gym owes the member a credit or refund.
  • This may occur when a member has paid for a Product or Service but later Cancels or returns it, or when the gym has overcharged the member for a fee or service.
  • The credit note will typically include the date, the amount of credit or refund owed, and any relevant details or notes.
  • The credit note can then be used by the member to offset future Payments, either partially or in full, or may be paid out in cash or by other agreed-upon means.
    Billing FAQs

Current Member

Current Membership

Custom Member Fields

  • Additional data fields that can be created and customized to fit the unique needs of a gym or fitness center.
  • These fields can be used to store and track specific information that may not be included in the standard GymMaster fields.
  • For example, a gym may create custom fields to track additional Member information such as medical conditions, fitness goals, or preferred workout times.
  • Custom member fields can also be used to track equipment maintenance, facility usage, or any other data that is important to the gym’s operations.
  • GymMaster allows users to create and customize custom member fields in a variety of formats including text, numeric, date, and drop-down lists.
  • These fields can be added to Member Page, Staff page, and other areas of the GymMaster software as needed.
    Custom Member Fields
    Sign Up Online


  • Accessed via ‘Home’ on the left side menu, the dashboard is a visual representation of key performance indicators (KPIs) and other important data related to a gym or fitness center.
  • The dashboard provides a quick and easy way for gym owners, managers, and Staff to monitor the health and performance of the business in real-time.

Date Input Fields

  • Type of form field used to collect and record dates.
  • A date input field typically consists of separate fields for day, month, and year, and allows users to enter or select a specific date.
    Custom Member Fields

Debit Note

  • A document issued by the gym to a Member, indicating that the member owes the gym an additional amount of money.
  • This may occur when a Member has underpaid or not paid for a Product or Service, or when the gym has made an error in billing the Member’s Account.
  • The debit note will typically include the date, the amount owed, and any relevant details or notes.
    Accounts and Billing Tab



Door Readers

  • Electronic devices that are used to control access to the gym.
  • These devices are typically installed at the entrance to the gym or other secure areas, and require Member / Staff to swipe a Key Fob or enter a PIN code to gain access.
  • The door readers in GymMaster are designed to integrate seamlessly with the gym’s membership management software, allowing gym owners and managers to control access based on Membership status, Membership Type, and other factors.
  • Door readers can also be used to track Member attendance and monitor the use of the gym’s Facilities, equipment, and other resources.
    Doors and Readers
  • Type of form field used to collect information from Members or Staff.
  • A dropdown input field allows the user to select one option from a predefined set of choices presented in a dropdown list.
    Custom Member Fields


  • Used in the context of Classes and Services to indicate the length of time for a particular session.
  • Used in the context of Memberships to indicate length of membership.
  • It refers to the specific time frame during which the class or service will take place.
  • For instance, a class may have a duration of 50 minutes, meaning that the session will last for 50 minutes from start to finish.
    Add Class
    Add Service
    Membership Type Details

End Date

  • The date on which a Membership or other type of agreement is scheduled to expire.
  • This date is typically set when the membership or agreement is created, and is used to determine when the Member will no longer have access to the gym or other Benefits associated with the agreement.
    Membership Type Details

Enrollment Limit

Expired Member

  • A Member whose Membership or agreement has reached its End Date and has not been renewed or extended.
  • Once a member’s membership or agreement has expired, they are no longer considered a Current Member of the gym or fitness center, and their access to the gym or other Benefits associated with the membership is typically suspended.
    Find Members

Expired Membership


Final Payment

Find Member

  • A feature in GymMaster that allows gym Staff to search for a specific Member in the gym’s database.
  • Using this feature, staff can quickly and easily access a Member Page, view their Membership status, check their attendance history, update their personal information, and perform other tasks related to their membership.
    Find Member

First Payment Date

  • The date on which a Member’s initial Payment is due for a Membership.
  • This date is typically set when the membership is purchased, and is used to determine when the member’s financial obligation to the gym or fitness center begins.
    Add Membership to Member

Follow-On Membership

  • A type of Membership Basis that is offered as the next Membership once the Current Membership of Member is due to expire.
  • The follow-on membership is typically offered as a way to encourage the member to renew their membership and continue using the gym or fitness facility, or when you need the Benefits of a membership to change after a particular amount of time.
  • For example, an ‘All Inclusive Introductory Membership’ may allow members access to everything for the first 4 weeks, and then automatically shift them to a generic Membership after the 4 week period has completed.
  • If you only require the price of the membership to change after a period of time, see Promotional Period.
    Membership Basis


Gift Time

Grace Period

  • A period of time after a Membership or other type of agreement has Expired, during which the Member is still allowed to access the gym or other Benefits associated with the agreement.
  • This period is typically a set number of days, and allows members who may have forgotten to renew their agreement to continue using the gym or other benefits without interruption.

Historic Membership

  • A previous or Expired Membership plan that a Member had in the past.
  • This information is stored within the Member Page as part of their membership history, which includes details such as the Start and End dates of the membership.


  • The ability of the gym management software to connect with other software applications or platforms.
  • Integrations enable data to be shared and used between different systems, allowing for improved functionality and efficiency.
  • In GymMaster, integrations may include connections with payment processing systems, marketing platforms, email marketing tools, accounting software, and other business software.


  • An invoice is a formal request for Payment of Outstanding Balance.
  • The date of an invoice is the date it is created and sent to the Member.
  • An invoice can be for any number of Charges, meaning that the invoice date is not always the same as the charge dates, though the charges in the invoice will show with their respective due dates.
    Invoice/Receipt Logo

Involvement Types

  • The different ways in which Members or Staff can be involved in the gym’s operations or activities, for example, a gym may have involvement types such as “member”, “staff”, “volunteer”, or “instructor”.
  • GymMaster’s involvement types feature allows gym owners and managers to easily categorize and manage members and staff based on their involvement type. - This can help in managing Membership levels, creating targeted marketing campaigns, or managing staff schedules.
  • Involvement types can be customized to match the specific needs of the gym, and can be used in conjunction with other GymMaster features such as membership management, scheduling and booking, and Reporting.

Joining Date

  • The date on which a Member first joins a gym or fitness center and becomes a member.
  • This date is typically recorded within the Member Page within the software, and is used to track the member’s tenure and payment history.
    Add Details to Member

Key Fob

  • A small electronic device that is used by Members / Staff to gain access to a gym or fitness center.
  • The key fob typically contains an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chip, which communicates with Door Readers to grant entry to the member / staff.
  • Key fobs are typically issued to members / staff when they first join the gym and can be used to gain access to the facility, based on the access rights of their membership / role.
  • The key fob is personalized to the member / staff and contains a unique code that is linked to their membership within the software.
    Assign Member Key Fob
    Assign Staff Key Fob
    Member Access
    Staff Access

Key Performance Indicators

  • A set of measurable metrics that gym owners and administrators use to evaluate the performance of the business.
  • These metrics are typically used to track progress toward specific goals, such as increasing revenue, improving Member retention, or reducing operating costs.
    KPI Reports


  • Self-service device or computer terminal that is used by Members to perform various tasks related to their Membership or gym usage.
  • A kiosk may be located within the gym or fitness center, and is typically accessible to members during scheduled hours of operation.
  • Kiosks provide a convenient and efficient way for members to manage their membership and gym usage, or Check In to a booking, without requiring the assistance of Staff members


  • Customizable digital tags or categories that can be applied to Members, Classes, events, or other items within the gym management software.
  • These labels can help gym Staff quickly identify and sort relevant information, such as Member status, Membership Type, billing details, attendance history, and more
  • For example, a gym might use labels like “new member,” “premium member,” “personal training client,” or “group fitness participant” to organize their member database and tailor their communication and marketing efforts. Labels can also be used to create targeted Reports or search for specific groups of members or activities.
    Add Member Details

Linked Member

  • A Member who is associated with another Member’s Account.
  • This typically occurs when two or more members billing accounts are linked such as a family Membership or a corporate membership.
  • Linked members are managed as a group, which means that changes to one member’s account (such as adding or removing a membership plan) can affect the billing and access of all linked members.
    Linked Members

Linked Membership

  • Used when one Member is financially responsible for Membership of another member, such as a parent or guardian paying for a child membership.
  • This means that the linked member’s attendance, Payments, and other membership details are tracked and managed within the primary Member’s Page.
  • Linked memberships can be useful for a variety of scenarios, such as family memberships, corporate memberships, or memberships that include additional guests or dependent members.
    Linked Members

Maintenance Fee

Master Account


  • The physical measurements taken by gym Staff or Trainers to assess a Member’s progress and track changes in their body composition over time.
  • Common measurements may include body weight, body fat percentage, muscle mass, BMI (Body Mass Index), waist circumference, and other relevant metrics.
  • Measurements are typically taken at regular intervals, such as weekly, monthly, or quarterly, and may be recorded manually or using specialized fitness tracking devices or software.
  • GymMaster provides tools and features to manage Member measurements, including templates for tracking and analyzing data, and options to display progress charts and graphs to members.
    Measurement Configuration


Member Account

Member Awards

  • Recognition and rewards given to Members who have achieved certain milestones or accomplishments within the gym.
  • These awards can serve as a way to motivate and incentivize members to stay committed to their fitness goals, as well as to promote a sense of community and engagement among members.
  • Member awards can come in various forms, such as certificates, badges, or trophies, and can be based on different criteria, such as attendance, achievement of specific fitness goals, or participation in events or challenges.

Member Hold

  • A temporary suspension or freeze of a Member’s Membership plan.
  • When a member places a membership on hold, they are typically allowed to pause Charges and access to the gym for a specified period of time.
  • Members holds may be used for a variety of reasons, such as temporary injury, illness, or travel, and are often subject to certain conditions and restrictions, such as a minimum and maximum hold period, a hold fee or deposit, and advance notice requirements.
  • A member hold can be applied to all or selected memberships.
    Member Holds

Member Page

  • A digital record that contains information about Members and Prospects, including their personal details, Membership status, Payment history, and financial Account.
  • Member pages are typically accessed and managed by gym Staff, who use them to keep track of members' accounts, communicate with members, and provide customer service.
  • Member pages can be customized to include various types of information, such as attendance records, workout plans, personal goals, and progress tracking.
    Add Member
    Find Member
    Member Page

Member Portal

  • A secure online platform where Members can access their Account information, manage their Memberships, make Payments, and book Services or Classes.
  • The Member Portal is typically accessed via a web browser or mobile app, and requires members to log in using their unique account details (such as a username and password).
  • Once logged in, members can view their membership details, including their Membership Type, Start and End dates, and payment history.
  • They can also make payments online, book services or classes, and view their attendance history.
    Member Portal
    Member App

Member Statement

  • A document that provides a summary of a Member’s Account activity for a specific period of time.
  • The member statement typically includes a breakdown of the Charges, Payments, Credit Notes, and any other transactions that have occurred during the specified time period.
  • Member statements are typically generated at the end of a Billing Cycles, but can also be generated on demand or at any other time as needed.
    Accounts and Billing Tab


Membership Basis

Membership Contract

Membership Fee

  • The amount that a Member pays to access the gym or fitness center’s Facilities and Services over a specified period of time, such as a month, a year, or a set number of visits.
  • Membership fees are usually paid in advance and can vary depending on the gym’s policies and pricing structure.
    Membership Payment and Fees

Membership Length

Membership Types

Minimum Term

  • The minimum period of time for which a Member is required to commit to a Membership plan.
  • For example, a gym might require a minimum term of 12 months for an annual membership plan, meaning that the member is committed to paying for 12 months of membership before they can Cancel or change their plan.
  • Similarly, a gym might require a minimum term of 3 months for a monthly membership plan, meaning that the member is committed to paying for 3 months of membership before they can cancel or change their plan.
    Membership Basis

Monthly Billing Date

  • The specific date of the month on which a gym bills its Members for their monthly Membership Fees or other Charges.
  • For example, if a gym’s monthly billing date is the 15th of each month, then members will be charged for their membership fees on that date every month.
    Billing Setup

New Member

  • Refers to an individual who has recently joined the gym and has signed up for a membership contract for the first time.
  • The process of adding a new Member to the system involves collecting relevant personal information, creating a Member Page, and assigning a membership plan.
    Add Member
    Sign Up Online

Next Payment

No Show

  • A situation where a Member fails to attend a scheduled booking, Class, or other activity, without providing advance notice or Canceling the appointment.

Notification Sounds

  • Sound alert triggered when a Member uses their Key Fob to gain access to the gym.
  • Different sounds can be used to notify reception Staff if a Member has been denied entry, or if they have a ‘warning’ attached to their Account, such as an account due to be paid.
    Notification Sounds

One Payment - Paid in Full

Open Ended Membership

Opening Date

  • The date on which the gym officially opens its doors for business.
  • This is the date on which the gym begins accepting Memberships and providing services to its customers.
    Club Additional Details

Outstanding Balance

Overlapping Bookings

  • The situation where a Member has scheduled two or more bookings or appointments that occur at the same time.
  • To avoid overlapping bookings, GymMaster software may include features such as booking restrictions, capacity limits, and conflict detection.


  • Those who are enrolled in a Class, Personal Training session, group exercises, or any other structured programs provided by the gym.

Pay Later

  • This option allows Members to defer Payment for services rendered until a later date.
  • With pay later, a member can receive services or Products from the gym without immediately paying for them.
  • Instead, the gym records the transaction and adds the Charges to the Member’s Account to be paid at a later date, typically at the end of the billing period.
  • This arrangement is commonly used to facilitate Recurring Payments for Memberships, Personal Training sessions, or other Services offered by the gym.


Payment Frequency

  • How often a Member is required to make Payment for their Membership plan.
  • For example, a monthly membership plan requires members to make payments once per month, while an annual membership plan may require members to make a single payment at the beginning of the year.
  • Other membership plans may require payments every other week, or on a pay-per-visit Basis.
    Membership Payment and Fees

Personal Training

Point of Sale



Preset Date Program

Preview Billing

  • A feature that allows gym Staff to preview upcoming Billing Cycles for Members.
  • Preview billing allows gym staff to view the billing amounts for each member before the billing cycle occurs, so that any necessary adjustments or corrections can be made in advance.
  • Preview billing is typically used to catch any errors or discrepancies in billing amounts, to ensure that members are Charged correctly and to avoid disputes or complaints.
    Accounts and Billing Tab


  • Goods or merchandise sold by a gym to its Members.
  • These may include items such as gym apparel, supplements, health food items, and fitness equipment.

Promotional Period

  • A specific period of time during which the gym offers a Discount to encourage New Members to join or existing Members to renew their Memberships.
  • For example, a gym might offer a promotional period during the holiday season, where new members can receive a discount on their new Membership Fees for the first month, before their fees shift to the regular membership fee structure.


  • Marketing campaigns or special offers that are designed to attract New Members, retain existing Members, or encourage increased gym usage.
  • GymMaster offers various promotion tools that gym owners and managers can use to create and manage promotions, such as Discounts, free trials, Referral programs, loyalty rewards, and more.
  • These promotions can be targeted to specific Member segments or customized based on individual member behavior and preferences.


  • The proportional amount of a fee or Charge that is adjusted to reflect a partial billing period or partial usage of a gym service or program.
  • For example, if a Member joins a gym in the middle of the billing period, they may only be charged a prorated fee for the remainder of the period instead of the full fee.
  • Likewise, if a member Cancels a Membership or Service before the end of the billing period, they may be refunded a prorated amount for the unused portion of the service.
  • Prorated calculations in GymMaster are based on the length of the billing period and the Start and End dates of the membership or service. This enables gyms to provide flexible billing and membership options while ensuring that fees are calculated accurately and fairly.
    Add Membership to Member
    Billing FAQs

Prorate First Payment


Prospect Funnel Stages


Realtime Billing

  • Service provided by some Billing Providers
  • Realtime billing in GymMaster refers to the capability to process and update billing transactions instantaneously.
  • For instance, when a member makes a purchase at the gym’s store or pays for a service, the transaction is billed immediately, and the member’s account is updated in real-time.
  • This ensures that their billing status is always current, and any issues can be addressed promptly.
    Realtime Billing

Recurring Payment


Referral Discount

  • A Discount offered to an existing Member who refers a New Member to the gym.
  • When an existing member refers a friend, family member, or colleague to the gym and they Sign Up for a Membership or service, the referring member may receive a discount on their own membership or service fees as a reward for their Referral.

Renewal Based Membership





  • Calendar or timetable of gym Classes and Services offered to Members.
  • The schedule may include information such as the name of the class, the date and time it is offered, the location within the gym, and the name of the instructor or Trainer.
  • Members can view the schedule to find out what classes are available and when they are offered, and may use GymMaster’s online booking system to reserve a spot in a class in advance.


Shared Membership

  • A Membership plan that allows multiple people to use the same membership account.
  • This type of membership is often used for families, couples, or groups of friends who want to share a membership and split the cost.
  • For example, a gym might offer a shared membership plan where two or more people can use the same account and have access to the gym’s Facilities and Services.
  • Each Member of the shared membership plan may have their own unique access card or login credentials, but they all share the same billing Account and membership privileges.
  • Shared memberships can offer a cost-effective way for multiple people to enjoy the Benefits of a membership without each person having to pay for a separate account.
  • However, there may be some limitations or restrictions on shared memberships depending on the policies of the gym.
  • For example, there may be a limit on the number of people who can share a membership account, or there may be restrictions on when and how often each member can use the gym’s facilities.
    Membership Payment and Fees


  • The process of a person becoming a Member of a gym or fitness center.
  • This involves the individual filling out a Membership application or agreement, providing personal information such as their name, contact information, and billing details, and agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of the membership.
  • The sign-up process can be done in person or online.
    Add Member
    Sign Up Online

Sign-Up Fee

  • A one-time fee that is Charged to New Member when they join the gym.
  • This fee is typically charged in addition to the Membership Fee and is meant to cover the costs associated with setting up the new Member’s Account and providing any necessary equipment or materials.
  • For example, a gym might charge a sign-up fee of $50 to new members, in addition to the monthly membership fee of $50.
  • The sign-up fee might cover the cost of providing an access card or Key Fob, printing Membership materials, or conducting an initial fitness assessment.
    Membership Payment and Fees
    Add Membership to Member


  • “Short Message Service,” is text messaging. allowing gym owners and managers to communicate with their Members via text message.
  • GymMaster’s SMS feature enables the gym to send personalized messages to their members for a variety of purposes, such as reminders about upcoming Classes, Promotions or special offers, Payment reminders, or general announcements.
  • These messages can be sent to individual members or to groups of members, and can be scheduled in advance or sent in real-time.
    SMS Templates
    Automate SMS Messaging

SMS Opt-Out

  • The option for a Member to halt non-critical communication from your gym. this option can be attached to the end of every SMS message.

Sort Order

  • The order in which information is organized and presented to the user in the Member Portal, such as the order of Membership plans or the order of Members within a category.
  • For example, if a gym has multiple membership plans, they may choose to organize them in a certain order, such as alphabetically by plan name or by increasing price.


Staff Permissions

  • The permissions and privileges granted to Staff members to perform certain actions within GymMaster.
  • These rights can be customized by admin to ensure that staff members only have access to the features and data that are relevant to their job responsibilities.
    Staff Permissions

Start Date

Start Time


  • The inventory of Products or items that a gym or fitness center offers for sale to its Members.
  • This may include items such as supplements, apparel, equipment, and accessories.


  • The process of manually counting and recording the inventory levels of Products or items in a gym or fitness Club, such as supplements, equipment, or other retail items.


  • Refers to the illegal practice of one person following closely behind another person to enter a gym or fitness center without proper access or authorization.
  • This can occur when a Member enters a gym or fitness center using their membership card or Key Fob, and another person follows closely behind them to enter without scanning their own card or fob.
  • This practice is prohibited in most gyms and fitness centers as it can compromise the security and safety of the facility, and can result in unauthorized access and use by non-members.


  • A feature that allows gym owners and managers to create and manage automated alerts to Staff of action required, and communication to Member.
  • Tasks can be used to help gym owners and managers keep track of important deadlines, upcoming events, maintenance schedules, and other tasks and responsibilities related to managing a gym or fitness center.
  • Tasks can be assigned to specific staff members, and can be set up to recur on a regular basis, such as daily, weekly, or monthly.
    Automated Tasks
    Staff Action Tasks
    View and Complete Tasks


  • Pre-designed forms or layouts that can be used to create consistent and professional-looking documents or communications.
  • Templates can be used for a variety of purposes in GymMaster, such as creating customized workout plans for Members, designing marketing materials or flyers, or creating Invoices or receipts.
  • By using pre-designed templates, gym owners and managers can save time and ensure that their documents and communications have a consistent and professional look and feel.
    Templates and Communication

Termination Date

  • The date on which a Member’s Membership is ended, as a result of either the gym or the member choosing to Cancel this membership.
  • The End Date of memberships is inclusive.
  • For example, a membership with end date 31st March will allow the member to use Benefits such as door access up to and including on the 31st, but from 1st April they will be denied access.

Terms and Conditions

Text Input Field

  • Type of form field where gym Staff or Members can type or enter text information, such as names, addresses, phone numbers, emails, notes, or comments.
    Custom Member Fields

Thermal Receipt Printer

  • A type of printer that uses heat to transfer ink onto paper, creating a printed receipt or document.
  • Thermal receipt printers are commonly used in retail and service industries, including gyms and fitness centers, to print out receipts, Invoices, and other transactional documents.
  • They offer several advantages over other types of printers, including faster printing speeds, lower maintenance requirements, and higher print quality.
    Point of Sale Stations




  • Help-text messages or pop-up windows that appear when a user hovers their mouse over an icon, button, or other interface element.
  • Tooltips are designed to provide additional support and context about a particular feature or function within GymMaster, helping users to understand how to use the software and what different features do.



  • Process by which a Member or contact requests to no longer receive non-critical SMS or other forms of communication from the gym.
    Unsubscribe SMS

Upfront Fee

User Administration

  • A feature that enable gym owners and managers to manage user accounts and access levels within the GymMaster software.
  • User Administration allows gym owners and managers to create, modify, and delete Staff accounts, as well as to control the permissions and access levels that each staff member has within the system.
  • This can include things like setting up user roles and permissions, managing user passwords, and defining who has access to different areas of the software and facility.
    User Administration


  • A list of Members who wanting to enrol in a specific Membership program or Service, but are currently unable to do so because the program or service has reached its Enrollment Limit.
  • When a Class or service has reached its maximum capacity, the gym can offer the option for members to join the waitlist, allowing them to be notified if a spot becomes available due to a Cancellation or if the gym decides to add more spots.


  • A legal document gym users are required to sign before using the Facilities.
  • The waiver typically outlines the risks and responsibilities associated with using the gym equipment and facilities.
  • By signing the waiver, the Member acknowledges and accepts these terms, and agrees to release the gym from any liability for injury or damages that may result from their use of the facilities.
  • Waivers are an important legal protection for gyms and fitness facilities, and are typically required by law in many jurisdictions.
    Forms and Waivers
    Attach Forms to Class / Service
    Attach Forms to Membership

Weekly Billing Day

  • The specific day of the week on which a gym bills its Members for their weekly / fortnightly Membership Fees or other Charges.
  • For example, if a gym’s weekly billing day is Thursday, then members will be charged for their weekly / fortnightly membership fees on a Thursday.
    Billing Setup


  • Exercise routines and programs designed for Members to achieve their fitness goals.
  • Workouts can be designed for individuals, groups, or Classes and can vary depending on the fitness level, goals, and preferences of the member.
  • GymMaster provides tools and features to help Trainers and instructors create and manage workouts for members, including the ability to create and schedule workouts, assign specific exercises and equipment, and track progress over time.
  • Workouts can be customized to meet the specific needs of each member, whether they are looking to lose weight, build muscle, improve their endurance, or simply maintain their fitness level.

X Report

  • A Report showing transactions processed from the start of the day to the time the X Report is run.
  • Intended to be run at the end of each shift to obtain shift sales.
    Till Take Report

Z Report

  • A Report showing transactions processed since last Z Report was run.
  • Intended at the end of the each day.
    Till Take Report