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Resource for Customers

This page is a repository of all the resources you may find useful as a GymMaster user.

Here you’ll find everything you may need from learning documentation to hardware wiring guides & everything in between.

TeamViewer Installation

GymMaster TeamViewer

TeamViewer is a remote support service that allows the GymMaster team to temporarily view your screen, control your keyboard and mouse to view issues, error message or assist you without needing to be onsite.

Learning Resources

Resources for learning how to set up and use GymMaster at your club.

GymMaster Manual

Your guide to common tasks in the day to day running of your club.

YouTube Videos

Watch guided GymMaster walk-throughs and training videos for setting up and using the system for your needs.

Knowledge Base

A repository of documentation and learning resources for GymMaster.

Recent GymMaster Updates

Resources to keep informed about new changes and upgrades to the system.


Read announcements of new functionality, features and exciting happenings here at GymMaster.

Recent Feature Spotlight Articles

Delve deep into new features as they are released with our new feature spotlight articles.

Hardware Setup

Read docs showing how to set up hardware & troubleshoot potential issues.

General Access Control Troubleshooting

The solutions to the most common issues with setting up the gym access control system.

Gatekeeper Wiring Instructions

Instructions for wiring up the GymMaster gatekeeper to your door locking mechanism.

Mini Gatekeeper Setup

Instructions to setting up the Gatekeeper mini with your reception reader, POS and other equipment.

Tailgating Installation Guidelines

The best practices for setting up your GymMaster gym tailgating detection system.

Website Integration

Resources for setting up and testing the integration between the gym member portal and your website.

Website Integration Setup

Gain access to code snippets and step-by-step setup guides for installing widgets into your website.


Documentation for allowing third party systems to communicate with GymMaster or its hardware.


View the full set of development rules for allowing third party systems to communicate with GymMaster

Card Reader API

API documentation for using GymMaster with third-party card reader.

Gatekeeper API Documentation

API documentation for running third party hardware with the GymMaster gatekeeper.

Legacy Desktop Documentation

Useful resources if your club is running on the legacy GymMaster system (desktop software).

Software Requirements

See specifications required of your machine to be able to run the GymMaster Desktop solution.