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Development and Customization

GymMaster can be customized to your requirements

We understand that the shoe doesn’t always fit, which is why we offer customization to get GymMaster gym software answering the specific needs of your unique business. Whether you’re after your own customized logo, fields, descriptions or reports, our development team is able to quickly alter GymMaster to better reflect what your organization requires.

GymMaster has been used for a wide variety for industries both within and without the recreation industry.

At Treshna Enterprises, the company behind GymMaster, we are committed to providing excellent customer support and development services. We have been developing open source business software solutions for almost 20 years and have a dedicated software development team who can answer your questions and ensure that our products are working for you.

Cloud Hosting and Web Integration

The web is an important interaction point between you and your members. What you require will vary depending on your needs – one common feature we do is cloud based class registration where members can sign up for classes or renew their membership online. They can also add the payment to their weekly/monthly gym membership account. This can be seamlessly integrated with your existing website.

“We have been using the GymMaster system now for more than 2 years. We initially trialed the free version and compared it to another system that was on offer. The GymMaster system had many more features than the alternative system and the price was substantially less. We have been impressed by the design, performance and continuous development of the system as well as the service. I would recommend this system to any gyms or similar facilities.”

– Martin Chisolm, InShape Studio

Multi-site and Franchise Solutions

Treshna offers a number of different options for multi-site and franchise businesses and can customize GymMaster to meet your individual needs. Two of our popular options include the central database or replication models.

We will work with you in determining the reporting structure, network and hardware requirements that meet the needs of your business so that we can provide you with a full service solution.

Let us help you – Software Development

  • Customized branding.
  • Streamline your franchise.
  • Bondreplicate (our opensource database replication service) allows syncing of replicate databases across multiple club sites and websites
  • Automated reporting across entire chain.
  • Centralized billing.
  • Tie in the existing system – website, hardware.

Treshna also provides an extensive range of services including hardware installation, server maintenance, website design, off site backup solutions and cloud integration.