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We Upgraded our very archaic membership database system to GymMaster well over a year ago now and have never looked back.


Real Stories From Gym Owners Like You

2Fore Golf Studio

GymMaster makes booking golf simulator sessions and lessons a breeze for 2Fore Golf Studio.

2Fore Golf Studio is Goulburn’s first indoor golf studio. You can rock up with your clubs and spend an hour practising your swing or book a lesson with Head Professional Andrew Grove.

Lincoln University Gym

Lincoln University Gym make the move to fully digitised gym management with GymMaster.

Lincoln University Gym Membership and Administration Manager Mark Smith remembers when he spent hours setting up memberships and direct debits.

Bare Bronze

How GymMaster automated 24/7 access for Bare Bronze Studio’s Melbourne tanning salons.

When Melburnians feel the need for a tan top up, it doesn’t matter what time it is, Bare Bronze Studio’s 24/7 contactless spray tan booths have got their back.

Fitness Factory Pennsylvania

Hear the success story of Ryan Troutman and Michaela Henne at Fitness Factory who transitioned their gym from being manually run with pen and paper to GymMaster gym management software.

Fitness Factory is a 900+ member gym located in Pennsylvania, United States.


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Recent GymMaster reviews

5 star

“I really appreciate the professionalism of GymMaster. It is obvious that you guy have been in the business for a long time and know what you are talking about. I also really like how quickly the hardware was shipped to us in Canada. It was shipped on Tuesday and on Friday morning we received it.”

Magali Dantier | Fitness Expert | BC, Canada

5 star

“Our favorite thing is how easy it is to communicate with the GymMaster staff and how quickly problems are resolved!”

Taylor Johnson | Man O' War CrossFit | Kentucky, USA

5 star

“I carefully considered several companies before choosing GymMaster. GymMaster is by far the most comprehensive software I have been able to find. From billing all the way to the locks, it’s all streamlined. Also, customer support is second to none. I have never called in a tight spot and not had immediate help.”

Zak Huffman | Warrior Fitness Facility | Ohio, USA

5 star

“Where do I start? The support from the staff is fantastic whenever an issue arises. The system and software is so easy to use and it makes sign ups and managing members a breeze. Finally the pricing structure is far fairer than competitors. So glad I went with GymMaster.”

Matthew Sprigg | Flex Fitness Club | Australia

5 star

“I've had my gym open for 4 months now. GymMaster worked with me non stop prior to opening my doors to ensure a great opening day. Even better, they are always available when I need anything. The support is great! I'm sure very simple person and the software is very very very user friendly. Thanks again!! Keep up the great work!”

Joe | Joe's Gym | Iowa, USA

5 star

“GymMaster has been the most user friendly software I have ever used! The layout and style is attractive, the customer support outstanding and I have never had any issue with the hardware. Would highly recommend GymMaster to anyone looking to upgrade!”

Rachel Scott | Four Peak Fitness | Geraldine, New Zealand

5 star

“We have been in business for 10 years now and with your gym software system we just installed in November 2016 we will be able to compete with the bigger franchises that are all open 24/7. Plus we can reduce the cost of staffing as that is one of our huge costs as the facility had to have a attendant at all hours.”

Jordan | Sets Fitness | Saskatchewan, Canada

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5 star

“A good value, easy to use, fully equipped membership system with excellent customer support."

Jordan | Sets Fitness | Saskatchewan, Canada

4.6 stars

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