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TeamViewer Installation

GymMaster uses a remote support service called TeamViewer, which allows us to temporarily take control of your computer so we can look at your issues, see error messages on your screen, or assist you without needing to be onsite. This system gets through firewalls, and interacts with your mouse and keyboard as though we were the currently logged-in user.

Please ensure you have downloaded TeamViewer before calling us for support. The technician will then request your password, or a prompt will appear asking for access to your system. In this case, click ‘Allow’.

Please choose your Operating System below to download TeamViewer:

For any enquiries or questions about GymMaster, please get in touch

Some useful tips, manual and information about GymMaster

GymMaster Manual

For more information about GymMaster, you can access our YouTube Channel for training videos

Old Version GymMaster Desktop Installation

Not applicable for the cloud-based GymMaster

GymMaster is now available online, therefore GymMaster Desktop Installation is only required in certain circumstances. Please contact the team at GymMaster support.

For general OLD DESKTOP Version installation instruction, please choose from the list below: