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GymMaster makes booking golf simulator sessions and lessons a breeze for 2Fore Golf Studio

2Fore Golf Studio is Goulburn’s first indoor golf studio. You can rock up with your clubs and spend an hour practising your swing or book a lesson with Head Professional Andrew Grove.

2Fore’s virtual golf simulator bays are going off with Goulburn’s keen golfers. Owner Bec Grove says, “We’ve been open for just over a month and we started off with casual drop in sessions, which have been going really well. This week, we start to offer membership, where you can book a bay anytime of the day or night and get automated access with your key fob. We’ve had a hell of a lot of interest in that, so it’s going to be great.”

Becoming the booking system for golf simulator studios

Bec explains why they chose GymMaster as their booking system. “We were completely new to any booking program, and we chose GymMaster because we know a lot of people who’ve recently opened simulator golf studios and they've all gone with GymMaster, including two friends. So, we felt there was safety in numbers. Also, it’s good to be consistent with the market, so all golf simulator customers see the same familiar booking interface.”

“The other thing was when we did the GymMaster demo, the amount of detailed features were really helpful. There were things I didn't think we needed, for example, the ability to include waivers and terms and conditions in the booking process. When GymMaster pointed them out, I thought, that's a good idea. And after the demo, I didn't have any questions or worries. So there seemed no reason to go on looking, because GymMaster has everything I need.”

Straightforward to set up and good support

Bec rates the GymMaster onboarding experience. “Setting the system up was really good. I definitely had anxiety, but I worked really closely with Kyle at GymMaster. And it's much easier having the same person for all your one-on-one training. You build a rapport, and they get to understand your business.”

“Kyle’s very switched on, but he's also laid back to work with. GymMaster training times were really good too, I could hop on a call with Kyle from 5:00am, and early calls work really well for me because I can get things done first thing in the morning and then go to work.”

“Kyle sent me an email with everything I needed to do the set up. And that was good for me because I'm a button masher. I was able to play around, set up as much as I could, and then go back to him with my list of things that I needed to go through at the next meeting. So, we had that backwards and forwards, which has been really good.”

“If you’ve questions in between your training sessions the GymMaster help desk are good. Kyle also gave me links to the knowledge hub on their website and the how-to videos were helpful. Just give yourself enough time to sit down and familiarize yourself with the program, and you’ll find the GymMaster set up is pretty straightforward.”

Automating systems for passive income

Bec appreciates being able to fully automate bookings. Not only does it save time for her and her husband Andrew, but it makes the business accessible 24/7.

She explains: “People want to play golf outside work hours, but in winter in Goulburn we're dark by 5:00pm and it’s cold, wet, and windy. That's a good winter, let alone this winter with all the flooding and weather craziness. So, a 24/7 golf simulator is a no brainer really.”

“2Fore is my second job, and GymMaster is essentially replacing me so I don't have to be so hands on. Once you've got GymMaster set up, you’re saving time and saving money on wages. Its biggest strength is allowing us to fully automate bookings. It’s set and forget, which almost makes the golf simulators passive income, apart from the lessons.”

Coming together for fun and friendly competition

Golf simulators don’t have to be a solitary activity. 2Fore offers the chance to book with friends or come together with other golfers and play a round or enjoy some friendly competition.

Bec explains how GymMaster makes group bookings easier. “Over the weekend we ran a huge special on class bookings, bringing lots of golfers together in groups of four. You could come with your friends, or you could come alone and book with three other people who want to play at the same time. And GymMaster made it so easy. We set up the times and people could see all the times available, find the slot that best suited them, and join up. It was perfect. We were able to fit more people in, we ended up having a full house, and it was such a good vibe.”

GymMaster keeps learning from their customers

Bec shares what she appreciates about GymMaster. “The GymMaster team keep learning from the businesses they work with and adding in new features. So, when I’ve had suggestions for ways to improve the system, Kyle always says ‘I’ll take that to our design team so that they can try and incorporate that into the next upgrade’.”

“As a customer, you know GymMaster's going to keep getting better. It's not a case of here’s your program, that's how it is and that’s how it’s always going to be. If you’d like to see something, let GymMaster know and there’s a good chance it'll come if you wait.”

“I definitely recommend GymMaster. It really does pay for itself. When you work out how many hours a week it saves you once it's set up, you definitely get value for money. That, and the fact you can call or message GymMaster anytime, and the support they give through set up is really good. The team are laid back and easy going, but they know their stuff. It's a good mix and they really are working hard for the businesses they support.”