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Technical Requirements

GymMaster Desktop Software

Installation of GymMaster Desktop can only be done with consultation of the sales team. You can contact us here.

Operating System


  • Windows XP or later.
  • Firewall and anti virus software need to whitelist PostgreSQL and GymMaster to allow the software to be installable over the internet
  • The file system needs to be formatted to NTFS.
  • If you are on a Windows network domain, you need to arrange with your network administrator to install GymMaster. You need to install the software as a local computer administrator, not using your normal computer log-in account.
  • For Windows Terminal Server, you need to install GymMaster on the local server, not in a remote session. If you are installing onto a Windows Domain Server, PostgreSQL needs to be installed manually. Please contact us for our terminal server install manual. There are some areas of GymMaster that run slower over terminal services.


  • Requires MacOS 10.8 Mountain Lion or above.
  • Requires the latest version of XQuartz software to be installed.
  • Report printing requires MacTex software to be installed.


  • Linux version is available on request and requires a computer running Debian or Ubuntu. It does work with other versions with some compiling. GymMaster is designed to run on Gnome 2 and Gnome 3. It requires gnome libraries and PostgreSQL

Hardware Requirements

  • A computer with 1.5GHz or faster CPU.
  • At least 1GB of RAM is recommended.

Any computer purchased in the last 5 years should meet these requirements. For large scale network environment where you have 4 or more people accessing GymMaster, we recommend you have a separate database server.

An ideal configuration is:

  • i3 CPU
  • 2GB Ram
  • 250 GB Hard Drive
  • UPS Surge Protection

We can provide you with the hardware you need. Computers older than 5 years will struggle to run GymMaster.

GymMaster Database Hosting

GymMaster Desktop is a network based system. It works in a server client environment. When you install GymMaster Lite it installs PostgreSQL which is the database SQL server.

If you wish to set up GymMaster on several computers on a network, you need to modify the local bondfrontend.conf in the GymMaster directory. Edit db_host and change this from localhost to the name or IP address of the computer that you want to act as the main server for GymMaster.

On computers which are needed to be set up as clients to the server, you should opt out of installing PostgreSQL on these other computers.

Web Signup/Booking System

The system can be embedded into almost any existing website. Please read our online integration instructions on set up and requirements. If you wish to accept online payments you will also need an account with one of supported payment providers. Please contact us for more details.

GymMaster Android App

GymMaster Android App (for staff, management, PTs) requires Android Versions 2.2 or higher for basic functionality. Android 4.0 or higher is recommended. NFC capable phone is required for scanning members tags.

Members Booking Management App requires Android Versions 2.2 or higher.