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Allow new members to sign-up online.

Membership Presentation

Select how memberships are presented to new and existing members for purchase.

Memberships by Category

If you have different categories of memberships available online, you may wish to group or memberships;

  • Organize memberships into groups using Membership Categories
    • For example divide memberships into Gym Memberships and Swim Memberships
    • There is no limit to the number of categories you can use
    • Each membership can belong to one category only
  • Category names will be used as headers online to separate membership groups
    • Use Sort Order when creating your Categories to select which order groups are displayed
      Default is alphabetical

Membership by Category Example

In example below, gym divided their memberships into 3 categories; Gym, Classes and Gym, and Visit Packs.
Multiple memberships can be added within each category.

Memberships by Multi Step List

In addition to your Membership Category grouping above, you can select for your memberships within each group to be displayed by Payment Frequency.
Once Multi-Step Membership List is enabled, memberships will be displayed by Category first, then Payment Frequency, alphabetically.

  • To enable this option go to Settings > Advanced Configuration > Member Portal Configuration > Membership > Multi-Step Membership List
  • Note, wording used online for payment frequency (weekly, fortnightly, monthly) can be customized under Member Portal Configuration > Memberships*

Multi Step Example

Step 1
At beginning of the sign up process, your categories will be presented like this;

Step 2
Memberships within the selected category will be displayed.
When there are multiple memberships with a category they will be ordered by payment frequency; Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly, etc

Membership Purchase

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Sign Up Online

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