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GymMaster Gym Software Manual

Sign Up Online

Allow new members to sign-up online.

Enable Membership Purchase

Allow new and existing members to purchase Memberships online via sign up process, Member Portal and Member App.

Step 1 - Member Portal Configuration

  • Go to Settings > Membership Types
  • Select Membership Type Settings
  • Select Member Portal Configuration
    • Enable Purchase of New Memberships Online
  • Continue through all Membership Type Settings - Member Portal Configuration one by one

Step 2 - Enable Purchase of Individual Memberships

  • Go to Settings > Membership Types
  • Select to Add / Edit Membership
  • Navigate to Sell Membership Online
  • Select Enable Online Signup
  • Add service Description - this will be displayed online
  • Complete details
  • Repeat Step 2 for every Membership where online purchase is allowed

Membership Purchase

Membership Presentation
Membership Color
Membership Renewal
Sign Up Online

Sign Up Online

Terms and Conditions

Member Portal
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