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Member Portal

Allow members online access to their account and membership details, bookings, communication history and workout plans

Add Button

Changes made here will also apply to the Member App

A limited range of menu options can be added per heading;

  • Account - Sign Waiver; Static Link (URL)
  • Booking - Book Class, Book Service, Class Calendar, Static Link (URL)
  • Purchase - Add Membership, Static Link (URL)
  • Training - Static Link (URL)

As an example, to add a button for booking a specific class or service category;

  • Navigate to the Booking section
  • Select Add > Book Class or Book Service
  • Then select the class / service category to filter by;

See below for example of how this could look within your menu;

    1. Original shown menu listings, in this example
    1. Enabled and named ‘Book Yoga Class’ option
  • Selecting this option will direct members to a list of all Yoga Classes that are designated as ‘Bookable Online’, enabling them to reserve a spot in these classes.

  • Multiple ‘Book Class’ options can be added to your menu list.

Edit Portal Buttons Complete
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