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Member Portal

Allow members online access to their account and membership details, bookings, communication history and workout plans

Configuration Summary

Throughout sections above, we have touched on some of your Member Portal Configuration settings.
Note that we have not covered off every section through this manual - it is important you review your entire configuration to enure you have set everything as required.
To ensure this is set up entirely, and as required to function accurately, we suggest setting this up during your on-boarding sessions.

To see an overview of settings, see below.
Links take you to manual pages which expand on the overall topic covered in the configuration section.
If making adjustments yourself, go through each section of your Member Portal Configuration carefully.


  • Home page header
  • Language
  • Text white / black
  • Display Club Logo


  • Enable billing settings for online booking and purchases
  • Enable billing related member options



Class Schedule

  • Enable online bookings via Class Schedule
  • Enable class schedule related options and limits


  • Enable Portal specific communication settings
  • Enable Portal specific confirmation email templates

Contact Us

  • Enable Contact Us Page
    Link appears on Member Portal Login Page
    • Enable required fields
    • Input URL redirect after Contact Us form completion


Member Holds

  • Enable member to add hold to membership via Portal


  • Enable online sign-up and membership purchase
    • Enable membership purchase options
  • Select how memberships are displayed online
    Online Membership Purchase

Point of Sale

  • Enable members to purchase products online



  • Enable member access to their Measurements via Portal
  • Enable member access to their Workouts via Portal

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