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Tasks and Task Automation

Tasks are predefined actions or reminders that automate processes within GymMaster or prompt staff to perform specific actions.


Tasks in GymMaster are designed for action in relation to Members. As such, when assigning a task, trigger options are based around member events

  • Specify the Trigger Event task is based on, such as Birthday
  • Select When Task Occurs in relation to the event: before or after it
    • For instance, if the event is Birthday, you may want to send an automated SMS / Email before their birthday
  • Depending on the selected event, additional options are provided to narrow down the specificity of the task

In example, the trigger event selected is the members birthday, and is set to begin 2 weeks before their birthday.
This same trigger selection can be used for both the Staff Action of greeting the member, and also for our second task of sending Automated Communication.

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