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Tasks and Task Automation

Tasks are predefined actions or reminders that automate processes within GymMaster or prompt staff to perform specific actions.

Staff Task Not in Regard to Members

Tasks in GymMaster are designed around your Members.
To assign a task to Staff unrelated to Members, such as Equipment Maintenance or an Event, a little creativity is required;

Step One

  • Generate a Task Type which has no defined trigger or action, eg Staff Tasks
  • Craft a fictitious Member profile in GymMaster, you could call member Staff Member Tasks

Step Two

  • Create a manual task via Task > Add New Task. Manual (not from trigger event) tasks are created through Task page (left menu) NOT Task Automation page (settings)
    • Use Member Staff Member Tasks
    • Use Task Type Staff Tasks
    • Assign Due Date for task
    • Use description box to assign details of actual task for Staff
    • Assign required Staff Member
  • Save

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