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Member Page

Manual tasks related to members can be managed through the different tabs within each member’s page

Merge with Another Member

Note, this action cannot be undone. Be certain of decision before proceeding

If a duplicate profile of a member has been created, both profiles can be merged together into a single member profile. This will preserve an accurate history of the member, avoiding accidental loss of information.

To merge two members;

  • Find the most accurate / active of the two profiles, and arrive on their Member Page
    In a situation where the member personal details are different, the details of the first profile selected will override those of the second profile selected
    • Go to Member Actions menu
      • This is found on below the side menu on the left hand side
    • Select Merge with Another Member
      • Search for second profile
      • Select Merge

Both profiles will now be merged into one

Be sure to check through the new merged profile to ensure details and current Memberships are correct

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