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GymMaster Gym Software Manual

Getting Started

Your on-boarding training sessions can be booked here

Roster and Open Hours

For full Roster setup details see Rosters and Open Hours.

Here you will set your;

  • Club Open Hours
  • Off-Peak Hours
  • Peak Hours
  • Trainer available-for-bookings hours
  • Additional Access Hours
  • 24/7 Roster exists by default; you will not need to create this

You can assign these rosters when assigning ‘Access Hours’ for your;

  • Membership Benefits - assigning your Member access hours
  • Staff Access - assigning hours in which your staff are able to enter club
  • Facilities - badminton courts, swimming lanes, yoga rooms etc - designating when these facilities are available to be booked by classes or services

Watch short video overview GymMaster in a Minute - Rosters and Open Hours

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