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GymMaster Gym Software Manual

Getting Started

Your on-boarding training sessions can be booked here

Setup GymMaster

Initial setup needs to be done with care to ensure your foundation settings are set correctly.
We advise waiting for your initial on-boarding one-on-one sessions to work through your initial setup of GymMaster.

Your on-boarding training sessions can be booked here

In the meantime, read through the following sections to begin to understand the system.

This section introduces the main areas within GymMaster that are important when getting started.
This information is typically covered in depth during your first training sessions.
Please feel free to use this information as further clarification and guidance in setting up your database.
We are here to help so feel free to book in more training should you need.

Important - if beginning to setup GymMaster on your own, please work through sections in order as presented here

Begin by adding your staff and trainers into User Administration