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GymMaster Gym Software Manual

Custom Fields

Tailor fields and sections within GymMaster to align with the unique requirements of your gym.

Custom Member Fields

These fields will be added to your member details page, allowing you to store and access more detailed information about your members.
You can add these fields to your Online Sign-Up form, to gain required member information upon sign up

Add Custom Member Fields to Online Sign-Up

Note that a range of sign-up fields already exist, but may not yet be enabled.

  • Before creating additional fields, go to Settings > Advanced Configuration > Member Portal Configuration > Sign-Up
  • Select Enable Online Sign-up and check through available options that can be enabled.

If custom fields are required;

  • Create required custom field as above via Custom Fields

  • Save

    • Note Input Name of custom field; eg Checkbox Field 1
    • Go Settings > Advanced Configuration > Member Portal Configuration > Sign-Up
    • Enable Online Sign-Up
      • Enable Custom Fields on Sign-Up
        • Select the custom field you wish to enable on Sign-Up Form, eg Checkbox Field 1
        • If response to this field is required, select Require Checkbox Field 1 (for example)
  • Save