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Member App

The GymMaster Member App gives your members the ability Member Portal Access via their smartphone or tablet.
Via the Member Portal they can view your timetable, book into classes and make bookings with your trainers, and update their personal information.


The GymMaster Member Portal app can be downloaded from;

Direct links are provided on Member Sign Up / Login page;

Once members have downloaded the app, they can us it to gain Member Portal Access
Enable Member access via Member App Access

The GymMaster Member App is branded with the GymMaster logo and color scheme by default.
While each gym can Customize Member App to personalize elements within the app, members will be downloading the GymMaster brand, and will be presented with the GymMaster logo when logging in.
To customize branding of the app within App Store, login and throughout the app, see Custom App and Branding

Member App

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Member App

Member Portal