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GymMaster Gym Software Manual

Templates and Communication

Templates are a range of pre-made email and SMS messages that can be used for individualized automated communication with your Members.
Templates are ideal for communications which are predictable and relevant to all members.

Email Templates

GymMaster provides a number of pre-created email templates that already use pre-set fields.
We suggest reviewing provided templates and making any necessary edits before creating your email communication from scratch.
This can save time and ensure that your communications include all the necessary information.

Create / Edit Email Template

  • Go to Settings > Templates
  • Choose whether to select an existing template or create a new one;
    • Add Email Template
      • Name template for future reference
      • Assign category if needed
      • Select which club/s can use template
      • Fill in subject line of email
      • Write or edit email in body section
      • To add member-specific details to a generic template, use Insert Fields option;
        • Use search bar to find relevant field, such as First Name or Club Name
        • Click on the spot in email where you want field to appear, then press Insert Field button
      • Add images if required
      • Choose whether to use the Club Email Template shell (header, footer, and color scheme) created in Logos and Graphics > Email Template
    • Preview email to see how it looks, top right corner
  • Save

If needed, add attachments to template after it has been saved.