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Tasks and Task Automation

Tasks are predefined actions or reminders that automate processes within GymMaster or prompt staff to perform specific actions.

When to Use Staff Action Tasks

Personalized tasks are used to prompt specific staff actions tailored to individual member needs and operational requirements.
Examples where you could apply personalized (staff action required) tasks include;

  • Member Follow-ups - assign personalized tasks to staff members to follow up with leads or new members
  • Member Feedback Resolution - create tasks for staff to address and resolve member feedback or concerns
  • Member Requests - assign appropriate staff member to fulfill a member request
  • Class or Training Session Preparation - remind staff to set up specific equipment, materials, or facilities
  • Tour and Orientation - when a new member join, assign tasks for staff to conduct personalized tours and orientations
  • Member Recognition - assign tasks to personally acknowledge and celebrate member achievements and milestones
  • Event Coordination - for special events assign tasks for planning, organizing, and running the event
  • Equipment Maintenance - assign tasks to staff for routine equipment inspections, maintenance, and repairs

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