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Tasks and Task Automation

Tasks are actions that pertain to members. which can be completed either by staff members manually, or by GymMaster automatically.

Staff Action Tasks

Staff action tasks in GymMaster are specific activities assigned to gym staff members.
Using staff action tasks through GymMaster ensures staff responsibilities are organized and tracked efficiently.

Automated Staff Task

A task that is automatically generated to prompt Staff to perform an action.
For instance, if a member’s account becomes overdue by a set number of days, Task Automation can automatically prompt staff to reach out to the member.

  • Go to Task Automation > Add Task Type
    • Create a Task Type which responds to the Trigger event to prompt staff action
    • Designate the Staff required to Perform the Action
  • Save

Staff Member will see Task come up when trigger occurs, under Task

Manual Staff Task

A task that is manually created to prompt Staff to perform an action in regards to a Member.
For instance, reception staff from the morning shift require staff from the evening shift to followup on a member request, this can be added as a one-off manual task.

  • Go to left side menu Task > Add New Task
    • Assign an existing Task Type manually to a member without automated triggers
      • If no task type is relevant, assign a General Task Type for such occasions and use description field to convey specific instructions to staff
    • This method serves to initiate staff action by designating specific tasks
  • Save

Personal Member Communication Task

When a member requires personal communication, a task can be generated to ensure the correct staff member is aware and follows through.
Completing this process through the Communication Tab within the member’s profile ensures a communcation log is maintained alongside existing communication history.

To add a Personal Member Communication task;

  • Go to *Member Profile > Communication Tab
    • Select +Add
      • *A task created here will add personal communication task to member’s Communication Log
    • Select Add Task. Complete details;
      • Due Date
      • Task Type
        • Note, when automated task types are not required, use General Task
      • Description of task required
      • Assign Staff Member to complete Task
  • Save

Staff will be prompted to action via the Tasks page

Staff Action Tasks Not in Regard to Members

Tasks are designed around your Members.
To assign a task to Staff unrelated to Members, such as Equipment Maintenance or an Event, a little creativity is required;


  • Generate a Task Type which has no defined trigger or action, eg Staff Tasks
  • Craft a fictitious Member profile in GymMaster, you could call member Staff Member Tasks


  • Create a manual task via Task > Add New Task. Manual (not from trigger event) tasks are created through Task page (left menu) NOT Task Automation page (settings)
    • Use Member Staff Member Tasks
    • Use Task Type Staff Tasks
    • Assign Due Date for task
    • Use description box to assign details of actual task for Staff
    • Assign required Staff Member
  • Save

View / Complete Staff Action Tasks

Note that Tasks are generated every half an hour, so there may be a small delay between trigger event and task displaying for staff action.
Manually created Staff Tasks will display immediately.

The Task page, found via the left side menu, will show current tasks assigned to staff members.
Staff can view tasks requiring;

  • Staff Action
  • Email Communication
  • SMS Communication
  • Manual Communication / Action
  • Completed Tasks

Staff can click into a task to view more details and mark task Complete.
Tasks can also be marked complete using the green tick icon on of right of the task bar.

In example, our manually created Staff Task appears under Manual Tab