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Tasks and Task Automation

Tasks are predefined actions or reminders that automate processes within GymMaster or prompt staff to perform specific actions.

General Settings

Note: Tasks are generated every half an hour; when selecting Immediately there may still be a small delay before a task is created.

  • Name Task - this will serve as your identifier for using and locating the task in the future
  • Staff Action Required - will Task will be fully automated or is it a Staff Task?
  • Description – reminds performer of the task of what they need to do to complete the task, or, if automated, explains what the task is intended to achieve
  • Follow Up – is there a subsequent task required upon the completion of this task?

In example below; Staff Action is Required to greet member within 2 weeks of birthday, to let them know they can book classes for free within this time period.
As Staff Action cannot be combined with automated communication, we will create a second task to automatically send Email and SMS to notify members of this birthday promotion.

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