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GymMaster Gym Software Manual

User Administration

Add and manage staff user accounts within GymMaster*

Details Tab

Add staff details here first, including;

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Contact Details

Key Fob and Access

Allocate staff a key fob, allowing secure staff specific access to the gym;

  • Click the Fob Number field to assign access key fob
  • Swipe the fob that will be allocated to the staff member
  • Allocating an Access Roster here designates staff member allowed door access hours
  • This will be different from their working roster hours

In example, Staff Member has key fob #56321. They are able to enter gym at anytime during Open Hours, regardless of their own scheduled roster. Their First Aid Certificate will expire in Feb 2025.

Additional Details

  • Is a Sale Rep - Sales Reps can be designated ‘Is a Sales Rep’
    • They can then be assigned to members as their sales representative
  • Upload Staff Email Signature and First Aid Certificate

Timesheet and Attendance

View staff timesheet via the left side menu.

  • The Timesheet displays the staff member’s days and hours worked, absences, and any manual adjustments needed
  • It also shows appointments, classes, and members signed up, providing an overview of staff activity
  • The resulting information can be printed or exported for payroll management
  • Staff attendance within their rostered work hours is recorded on staff Timesheet, based on when they Clock In or Clock Out via swiping key fobs on entry / exit, or manually via their Account menu
    See glossary Clock In
    See glossary Clock Out

Take / Upload Photo

Photo options are found on left side menu.

  • Trainers / instructors who are taking classes / bookings will have their profile photo shown on the Member Portal and Member App
  • To get the photo as flattering as possible, make sure the image is square and around 350 x 350 pixels

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