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GymMaster Gym Software Manual

User Administration

Manage staff user accounts within GymMaster.
This includes creating, modifying, and deleting user accounts, as well as assigning specific roles and permissions to each user.

Add Staff Details

Details Tab

  • Add staff details, including;
  • Name, Date of Birth, Phone Number, Email Address
  • Fob Number
    • Click the Fob Number field to assign access key fob
    • Swipe the fob that will be allocated to the staff member
  • Access Roster
    • Allocating an Access Roster allows staff member to access premises within designated hours. This may be different from their working roster hours
  • Is a Sale Rep
    • Sales Reps can be designated ‘Is a Sales Rep’. They can then be assigned to members as their sales representative
  • Upload Staff Email Signature and First Aid Certificate

In example, Staff Member has key fob #56321. They are able to enter gym at anytime during Open Hours, regardless of their own scheduled roster. Their First Aid Certificate will expire in Feb 2025.

  • Take / Upload Photo; left side menu
    • Left side menu
    • Trainers / instructors who are taking classes / bookings will have their profile photo shown on the Member Portal and Member App, so make sure they’re smiling! To get the photo as flattering as possible, make sure the image is square and around 350 x 350 pixels.
  • View Staff Timesheet
    • Left side menu
    • The Timesheet displays the staff member’s days and hours worked, absences, and any manual adjustments needed. It also shows appointments, classes, and members signed up, providing an overview of staff activity. The resulting information can be printed or exported for payroll management
    • Staff attendance within their rostered work hours is recorded on their Timesheet, based on when they Clock In or Clock Out via swiping key fobs on entry / exit, or manually via their Account menu

Security Tab

  • Staff Login security can be set here;
    • Login Password
    • Two Factor Authentication (when enabled)
      • Two factor authentication (2FA) is an identity and access management security method that requires two forms of identification to access resources and data. 2FA gives businesses the ability to monitor and help safeguard their most vulnerable information and networks.
      • Learn more about Two Factor Authentication

Permissions Tab

Permissions determine staff access level and restrictions within the GymMaster software system.
There are pre-created permissions Templates that can be used, based level of responsibility of staff members.
You can create your own template to specifically match roles within your gym and apply them easily to staff, or apply permissions individually per staff member.

  • By default, new users at your facility have minimal GymMaster access
  • To allow permission within each Role Group, use the Role drop-down menu
    • Drop-down menu provides various levels of access to each area of GymMaster
      • The Description column will provide a definition of each level once selected; what staff can and cannot access
    • If unsure, start with low access levels for staff roles, if they encounter limitations due to their role, increase the permissions level for that role group gradually
  • It is advised not to grant Admin access to all staff members in the system. Admin level access allows users to modify global configurations, which may have unintended consequences.
  • Note: Any changes made to staff access rights will require the user to log out and then back in before changes will take effect.

Options Tab

  • Additional options for staff, including;
  • Timesheet editing permission
  • Manage Pop-ups
  • Enable automated emails to selected staff from GymMaster regarding
    • Billing Issues
    • Low Stock

Trainer Tab

A Trainer in GymMaster is a staff member who is responsible for providing one-on-one Personal Training services to gym members.

Trainers are typically certified fitness professionals who work with clients to create personalized workout plans, provide guidance and motivation, and monitor progress towards fitness goals.

  • Note that ANY staff member can be added as an instructor to a Class

  • Trainers are specific for one-on-one training services such as Personal Training sessions

    • Is a Trainer
      • Trainers can be designated ‘Is a Trainer’. They can then be assigned to members, under Member Details, as their personal trainer
    • Staff Resource
      • When enabled, Trainer can be added to Schedule Trainers, allowing them to be booked by members for training services such as Personal Training sessions
  • Save

  • After Saving, be sure to;

    • Input Trainer working hours roster under Rosters and Open Hours
    • Edit Trainer details as a bookable-trainer under Setup Trainers
    • You will then be able to book training services and edit availability to be booked for services via the Schedule