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GymMaster Gym Software Manual


Memberships refer to the subscription-based agreements that individuals have with the gym.
They serve as the foundation for the gym’s revenue stream and provide members access to gym, services and classes.


Membership categories allow you to divide your memberships into logical groups, making them easier to manage and report on.
For example, a gym might create categories for regular, concession or premium members, swimming memberships or yoga memberships.
Each category may have different pricing, access levels, or benefits associated with it.

Add Membership Category

  • Go to Settings > Membership Types > Categories
  • Select Add Category
    • You can set broad options which will effect all memberships that are added to the category, including;
      • Membership tax rate
      • Minimum notice for cancellation
      • Enrol limits
      • Select sort order for category – order in which category will appear online to members
  • Save