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GymMaster Gym Software Manual


Members generally refers to Current Members, but can also include Casual Members and Expired Members.
GymMaster provides tools and features to manage and engage with your members effectively.

Member - individual who pays a fee in exchange for use of your gym
Prospect - potential member who has shown an interest in your gym but has not yet signed up

Add Member / Prospect

Details for all new, current, casual, expired members as well as prospects are stored on GymMaster

  • Go to Add Member
  • Select Member or Prospect from the toggle option, top center of page
    • Adjust default selection via Settings > Advanced Configuration > Member

Details Tab

Enter Member information, as required;


  • Name, Date of Birth, Gender
  • Key Fob
    • Small electronic device used by members to gain door access
    • Click on Key Fob field
    • Scan fob to assign Key Fob to member
  • Passcode
    • Individual code, offering alternative door access option
  • Labels


  • Email, Phone Numbers, Address
  • Subscription
    • Manage Email and SMS/App subscription settings
    • App must be enabled to allow App notifications

Additional Details

  • Assign club, Trainer, Sales Rep, ‘Referred By’ Member
  • Joining Date, Occupation
  • Source Promotion
    • Track how your members find you, eg Website, Facebook, Instagram, Summer Promotion
    • Go to Custom Fields to manage your list of Customized Promotions
  • Custom Warning Banner
    • Visible to staff only; message appears in banner of Member’s detail page

Emergency Contact

  • Emergency contact details
  • Doctor details
  • Medical details
  • Waiver Status

Custom Fields and Lookups

Billing Address

  • Billing address details

Add Photo

  • Take photo or Upload photo

Once basic information has been added, use the Save and Add Membership button to continue.

Membership Tab

Add Membership to Member

Note that a prospect must be changed to a member on the Member Details page before purchasing a membership.

  • Use Add Membership button to purchase a membership for a member
    • Select membership category from the dropdown box

    • Select membership to purchase

    • Select the Start Date; this is the date the membership will be valid from

    • Details required from here will differ depending on the structure of the membership, complete details as required

  • Save Membership

Once purchased, memberships can be viewed, edited, renewed and cancelled from this tab. Time can be gifted, and holds can be added to memberships.

Accounts and Billing Tab

Add Billing Details to Member

  • Select Manage Billing
    • Select one;

      • Bill Member Automatically = fees are automatically charged. Recommended
      • Don’t Bill Automatically = fees are charged when scheduled manually
      • Never Bill = in person payments only
    • A default Billing Provider will be selected

      • To change selection, use edit icon at far right of Billing Provider drop down box
      • Select required billing provider
    • Add Member’s Billing Details; details required will display once Provider is selected

    • Member may be asked for bank Details or Credit/Debit card details

    • Depending on your Provider, you may need a linking code, ID or token

    • Save Billing