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Custom Fields

Tailor fields and sections within GymMaster to align with the unique requirements of your gym.

Contact Us Form

To set up a Promotion Source for your Contact Us Form, follow these steps:

  • Create required Promotion in Custom Fields
  • Save
  • After saving, refresh the screen, and then scroll back down to the Promotions section
    • You will now find a unique Contact Us Form link generated, linked to the Promotion. This link is intended for use on the platform related to your promotion, allowing potential members to express their interest
    • When a prospect clicks on the Contact Us Form link, GymMaster will automatically track the source of the link they followed
    • This source information will be recorded under Member Details > Source Promotion field and can be collated through Reports, providing valuable insights into the effectiveness of your promotions and the platforms driving the most inquiries

Promotions Complete
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