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Embracing the Future: An Introduction to Automated Tanning

Curtis Fairweather
Curtis Fairweather
Published on Sun, Jul 2, 2023

From lotions to UV tanning beds, innovation has always been at the forefront of bringing a bronzed and sun-kissed look to pasty people everywhere. In recent years, the introduction of new automated spray technology has been taking this world by storm and seen the birth of a new era for the tanning industry, one where time of day and staff availability have a lesser role in how clients can get their tan on.

Up until recently, the only options for professional sun tans were for clients to book in, and either go to meet a tanning specialist in their salon or have them come out to visit them at their house to be sprayed. Not only did this mean syncing up schedules with their tan specialist, but also, it means they have to get their kit off in front of someone to be sprayed.

The automated tanning system, on the other hand, completely eliminates the need for a human presence during the tanning process. By using the latest technology, it provides clients with a controlled and consistent tanning experience with the press of a button. This means clients can enjoy a personalized tanning session at their own pace and convenience.

The dominant form of automated tanning for the last decade has been done by UV beds, AKA sunbeds. These use UV bulbs to tan the user in a similar fashion to the sun. While this is relatively hands off, many regions require staff to be around while this is happening to ensure clients don’t tan themselves for too long and damage their skin. However, a newly trending competitor for this is automated spray tanning. These automated spray tan booths use a specially formulated spray solution to create a natural-looking tan without the user needing to be exposed to UV rays. The customer walks into the booth and gets sprayed automatically by the machine with this solution without any work (or often any supervision) required from staff.

The benefit of this hands off approach is that it greatly reduces operating costs and improves profitability over typical tanning options and also means that clients still get the convenience of tanning when they want, without the self-conscious feel of being in front of a stranger while getting tanned.

However, this business is not completely hands off without the use of another powerful piece of kit, an automated tanning scheduling and membership system with built-in door access control. This combo creates a fully automated tanning business where clients sign up for memberships online, visit the tanning salon anytime 24/7, use the booth and leave ALL without any staff action required. If you’re interested in starting your own automated tanning salon business, be sure to click here to learn more about the only solution that’ll do the job properly.