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How the right cycle studio software can streamline your business

Curtis Fairweather
Curtis Fairweather
Published on Mon, Jul 10, 2023

Not too long ago, having cutting-edge equipment and a modern space was enough to make a fitness business thrive.

But, in 2022, that’s pretty much the industry standard. Now, to differentiate yourself from the competition, to manage and grow your business, you have to make use of technology, particularly software.

Investing in a good cycling studio software will help you automate and simplify admin duties making your job easier and maximising your profit. Also, it will help minimize the cost of the dreaded last-minute cancellations, follow-up calls, or missed payments.

Read along to learn how an efficient cycling studio software will help you retain and increase your business.

6 Benefits of a Cycling Studio Software

With the right cycling studio software in place, you can easily manage and expand your business without breaking your bank. Your business will operate effortlessly, and you’ll spend less time juggling the admin of the schedule, payments, reservations, no shows or cancellations.

Efficient schedule management

A cycling studio software will create an easy-to-understand timetable for you and your clients that will avoid any overlapping or mistakes regarding where and when they need to be. This will prevent any scheduling confusion, double bookings and other issues that can get in the way of a good fitness session, ensuring all your classes and one-to-one sessions run smoothly.

Intuitive online booking system for staff and clients

With cycling studio software, your clients can book classes in seconds through your website or mobile apps, without having to contact you directly or wait in line to get assisted.

Your staff will put all their energy and effort into providing the best workout and studio experience rather than doing housekeeping tasks such as helping with bookings or the timetable. This self service model means they can check their group sessions, the number of people who booked, as well as any requests for one-on-one sessions at a glance without actually have to feed the information into the system themselves.

Payment portal for bookings and subscriptions

Save time and paper by providing a simple and secure way for your prospects and clients to purchase or renew memberships. The software allows them to sign in and pay from anywhere, and a good system will also do it automatically every month if needed. This will help avoid debtors and money lost due to human error.

Easy cancellation

Things happen, and it’s common for people to cancel or reschedule their workouts. The cycling studio software will allow them to cancel and find a free spot at a time that works for them.

Not only will you keep your clients happy but your staff will be aware of changes in class attendees as well.

There’s nothing worse than having a bunch of members miss out because others decided to book in and it was too difficult to cancel.

Automated waitlist for full classes

Automated waitlists mean that even if there is a cancellation last minute, you aren’t wasting slots at your best classes, and members who are willing and able to attend aren’t missing out.

The software allows you to see how many spots are open so clients can book immediately from their app or join the waitlist. It can also notify them when a new spot opens up.

Reduced no-shows

Another feature of a great cycling studio software is they make it hard for members to forget their upcoming booking.

Reminder email, sms or notifications ensure they don’t forget, they also can easily add to their calendar from their member app so they can see it on their schedule when making other plans to avoid double booking themselves.

Bottom Line

In summary, there’s a lot of ways having the right cycle studio software can help streamline your fitness business and transform your cycling studio into a more profitable endeavour. If you’re interested in learning about a tool used to manage thousands of fitness businesses that has everything we’ve discussed in this article, click here to learn more