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Picking the best app for gym members

Curtis Fairweather
Curtis Fairweather
Published on Tue, Sep 27, 2022

With all the available gym member apps on the market, it can be quite overwhelming to choose the right one for your club. If you’re currently going through this ordeal, don’t worry! We are here to help make the process less intimidating for you.

Now, before truly identifying the best app for gym members, you should first have a clear grasp of what you’re looking for. In this article, we break down the different things you should be looking for in a club app for gym members.

Things to look for in the best app for your gym members

For an app to be classed as “the best app for gym members,” it should be able to deliver the following:

Increase engagement and awareness of services

A member app should be able to help you engage members. It should have tools that allow you to spread awareness of your services, whether new or old. For instance, it should be set up so that you can help increase your members’ awareness of the services you offer.

There should be functionality in the app encouraging community, engagement and helping members build a habit that sticks–this ensures ongoing retention and extends the average customer lifetime value for your membership.

Your gym software should also be able to automatically identify sleeping members so that you can easily reach out to them and send them personalized push notification messages to hopefully reclaim them back to being active in your gym.

Make it easy for members to place bookings

The easier you make it for your members to book your services, the higher the chances that they will. It’s that simple. And one way to do that is to offer a member app with an easy-to-use interface that allows them to book a class or a training session conveniently, wherever they are.

This self-service feature will also cut admin tasks while providing your members the utter convenience of being able to book any time of the day.

Allow Bluetooth access to the club

The member app should be able to allow members entry to your gym’s facilities through the Bluetooth feature. In cases when your members forget their RFID key fobs, the gym door reader should still allow access by letting the member use their phone. This is a feature that’s often overlooked but something your clients (and staff) will greatly appreciate when the need for it arises as it’s a huge time saver and convenience.

A free communication channel directly to your members

With any fitness enterprise, communication is key. Therefore, it is only right that the member app you’re getting should house a communication channel where members can easily reach out to you and vice versa.

People are more likely to read messages from apps compared to emails. Plus, this is also an easy way for you to save money because this is a cheaper option than sending out messages via SMS.

However, it is important to meet your members where they are, so having the option for SMS, email and push notification sent via the app at your disposal can be very useful and ensure no matter how each member prefers their communication–you can always get your important message through.

Let members stay on top of their fees

A member app should be able to provide members with an overview of their account balance. This will allow them to stay on top of their payables and may also reduce the rate of your club’s debtors.

Moreover, a member app should also have the capability to display upcoming gym membership fees to avoid cases of dishonor fees, especially if the client is on an auto-charge payment scheme.

Allow members to conveniently pay for membership fees

If they do owe money, it’s important to make it easy, frictionless and embarrassment free for the best chances of getting paid without having to bring out debt collections that can hurt ongoing relationships with clients.

An ideal member app should offer a platform where members can easily pay for their fees. This way, once they receive a reminder regarding a fee they have to pay, they can instantly make the payment through the app.

Through in-app payments, your members can now pay hassle-free as you increase your chances of getting paid on time.


We understand that looking for a single app that offers all the above mentioned features can be challenging, but definitely not impossible. If you want to learn more about the only gym member app that ticks all of the boxes above and more, click here!