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GymMaster Gym Software Manual


The Visitors page in GymMaster allows you to monitor all the visits made by a member to your facility.

Manage Visitors

  • Visits made by members using their tags to swipe in
  • Manual check-ins made by staff
  • Track Tailgating - where two people enter the facility using one member’s tag (when enabled)
  • If you have an arrangement with another club to share members/memberships, view the visits made by interclub visitors
  • Printed reports of member visits can be obtained by clicking on the Print button
    To understand check-in notifications as visitors arrive - Check-In Notifications

Open / Close Doors - Shortcut

The Door Lock Status can be adjusted by staff from the Visitors page.

  • Go to Visitors page
  • See Doors and Readers menu on the right
  • Scroll to find relevant door
  • Select Edit icon to adjust door status
  • Save Door Status

For Full Door control options, go to Settings > Doors & Readers