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Tasks and Task Automation

Tasks are actions that pertain to members. which can be completed either by staff members manually, or by GymMaster automatically.

Automated Tasks

When to Automate Tasks (No Staff Action Required)

Automated tasks are best used to streamline routine administrative processes, allowing gym staff to focus more on member engagement and delivering exceptional fitness experiences.
Examples where you could apply automated tasks include;

  • Member On-boarding - set up automated welcome emails and orientation schedules for new members
  • Payment Reminders - use automation to send payment reminders to members with upcoming dues
  • Class and Appointment Reminders - automatically send reminders to members
  • Birthday Wishes and Milestones - automated birthday greetings or congratulatory messages for reaching fitness milestones
  • Membership Renewals - send automated notifications and renewal options to expiring members
  • Lead Follow-ups - automatically send follow-up emails to leads who have shown interest in your gym
  • Feedback and Surveys - collect feedback from members after classes or events

Add Automated Task

*GymMaster offers a variety of sample task types already in the system. To view them, go to Settings > Task Automation.
You can edit aspects of these to suit your needs or create a new task type if you cannot find what you’re looking for in the list.

To add new task type;

  • Go to Task Automation > Add Task Type

General Settings

Note: Tasks are generated every half an hour; when selecting Immediately there may still be a small delay before a task is created.

  • Name Task - this will serve as your identifier for using and locating the task in the future
  • Staff Action Required - will Task will be fully automated or is it a Staff Task?
  • Description – reminds performer of the task of what they need to do to complete the task, or, if automated, explains what the task is intended to achieve
  • Follow Up – is there a subsequent task required upon the completion of this task?

In example below; Staff Action is Required to greet member within 2 weeks of birthday, to let them know they can book classes for free within this time period.
As Staff Action cannot be combined with automated communication, we will create a second task to automatically send Email and SMS to notify members of this birthday promotion.


Tasks in GymMaster are designed for action in relation to Members. As such, when assigning a task, trigger options are based around member events

  • Specify the Trigger Event task is based on, such as Birthday
  • Select When Task Occurs in relation to the event: before or after it
    • For instance, if the event is Birthday, you may want to send an automated SMS / Email before their birthday
  • Depending on the selected event, additional options are provided to narrow down the specificity of the task

In example, the trigger event selected is the members birthday, and is set to begin 2 weeks before their birthday.
This same trigger selection can be used for both the Staff Action of greeting the member, and also for our second task of sending Automated Communication.


Not applicable for automatic tasks

  • Choose which staff member is responsible for completing task;
    • All Staff - all trainers can view the task in the list
    • Personal Trainer - system assigns member’s trainer to the task
    • Sales Rep - system assigns member’s sales representative to the task
    • Staff List - Select specific staff member name to assign task to

In example, we have selected ‘All Staff’ - any staff member can perform this action.
Alternatively we could select all Personal Trainers or one specific staff member only to perform this task.


  • Setting an expiry date for task types is a good idea
  • Serves as a fail-safe to prevent irrelevant tasks from cluttering up your Task list in case Performer fails to complete them

In example, task will expire after two weeks, at the end of the 2 week birthday timeframe.
In the event that member does not visit gym within the 2 week birthday timeframe, task will automatically expire, preventing ongoing Staff Action requirement


Staff Action Required; not applicable for automatic tasks; select No Action at Door
Additional actions added to task when you want to prompt staff to follow up with member at check-in, or prevent them from entering the facility altogether

  • Alert at Door - the member will still be granted access, but their check-in will appear yellow
  • Stop at Door - the member will be denied access, and their check-in will be red

In example, as we require staff to greet birthday members as they tag in through reception, we have selected ‘Alert at Door’.
GymMaster will alert Staff when member enters gym


  • Select email template required
  • Choose recipient of email, Member or Performer
  • Select Auto Send to automate sending process, eliminating need for a performer to send email
    • Note Auto Send MUST be selected to Email to Member

In example, we are sending an automated email message, 2 weeks prior to every member’s birthday (trigger).
Email will wish member a happy birthday and let them know the details of their free-classes offer.


  • Select SMS template required
  • Select Auto Send to automate sending process, eliminating need for a performer to send message

In example, we are sending an automated SMS/App message, 2 weeks prior to every member’s birthday (trigger).
Message will wish member a happy birthday and alert them of their free-classes offer, directing them to read email or talk to staff for full details.

Member Label

  • No Label - default, no change to labels
  • Add Label - add label when event trigger occurs
    • Select Label
    • If required label does not yet exist, go to Create Label
  • Remove Label - remove label when event trigger occurs
    • Select Label

In example, a Birthday label (created under Create Labels) is added to Member Profile, to visually indicate their birthday to Staff.
An additional Task will need to be created in order to remove label, 1 day after birthday (example).


*When task is triggered, an Award will be automatically generated from selected template and awarded to member.
Staff can view/remove awards via Member Details > Communication Tab Members can view their awards on Member Portal

  • No Action - default, no change to awards
  • Add Award - add award when event trigger occurs
    • Award Template - select required award template
      • If required template does not yet exist, create new Awards Template via + button

In example, members will automatically be awarded the 25 Visits Award upon their 25th visit to the gym.


  • No Action - default, no change to prospect status

  • Set Not Interested - shift prospect to Not Interested Funnel Stage when event trigger occurs

  • Change Full Stage - shift prospect to specified Funnel Stage when event trigger occurs

  • Save Task Type