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Rosters and Open Hours

Rosters are used to set availability of trainers and facilities in schedule and assign door access hours for staff and members

Limited Term Roster

For short term changes in a roster, eg for staff holiday, we recommended adding Unavailable Time via the Schedule

  • Date Range allows you to create a limited term roster
  • If you have a Trainer whose contract is ending on a specific date, enter their work dates up until the final rostered day
  • After the completion of this term, the Trainer’s roster will be empty, rendering them unavailable for bookings

Please note:

  • 0:00am’ refers to midnight at the beginning of the day
  • 12:00am’ refers to midnight at the end of the day
  • Available selections are in 30min time periods; can be overwritten directly
  • Take care to select correct AM and PM time

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