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Report and Till

Reports are organized collections of data providing insights into your gyms performance

Standard Report Options

Once Report is run, you can select to;

  • Edit Report - apply / adjust filter options - see Standard Reports FAQs - Filtering and Customized Reports
  • Export to CSV - download report in CSV document file type
    • CSV files are compatible with many different programs, including text editors, spreadsheet programs like Excel and other specialized applications
  • Print Report
    • Select portrait / landscape orientation
    • Save as PDF or select printer
  • Additional options dependent on your report type may include;
    • Send SMS/Notification - Send One-off Bulk SMS/Notfication to all / selected Members within Report
    • Send Email - Send One-off Bulk Email to all / selected Members / Staff within Report
    • Charge All - Add a one-off charge/fee to all / Selected Members within report; this will be charged immediately or at members next billing cycle

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