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Products are the items that your gym offers for sale, such as foods, supplements, clothing, gym equipment

Add Products

Products are the specific items your gym offers for sale.
For example;

  • Product - T-shirt V-Neck Black
  • Product Group - Shirts or Clothing Brand Name
  • Product Type - Clothing

To add product to GymMaster;

  • Go to Settings > Products > Products
    • Select Add Product

Complete the sections in order;

Begin - Product Details

Product Details

  • Name - Include specific identifying details, such as weight, color, size. When many variations of the same product, apply Product Variations
  • Product Type - Select Product Type this product belongs to, eg Clothing, Food, Equipment.
    Product will take on settings within Product Type selected, such as Tax Rates.
  • Sale Price - Set Point of Sale price for product. Tax rate based on selection made in Product Type
  • Color - Used to assist product identification within the Point of Sale, appearing as background of the product icon
  • Product Image - Used in Member Portal, when purchase of products online
    Enable online purchase of products via Advanced Configuration > Member Portal Configuration > Point of Sale


  • Track Stock - Enable GymMaster to monitor inventory levels as purchases are completed
    Updating of stock levels when product received from suppliers must be performed manually

    • Receive Low Stock Email - Allow GymMaster to alert selected staff when stock levels drop below specified amount Email sent once per week. Select which staff receive email via Staff Member - Options Tab.
    • Minimum Stock Level Notification - Set stock level which triggers product to be added to low stock email
  • Supplier - Select the supplier of this product

    • Supplier Product Code - Input suppliers identifier code for product. Used to correctly identify product for future ordering
  • Purchase Price - Purchase price of product from supplier. Tax rate based on selection made in Product Type

  • Stock to Deduct per Purchase - Determine how much product is deducted from stock levels with each transaction

Product Variations

Product variations enable the addition of slight differences between similar products, making it easier to distinguish between them.

This section is under construction


  • Subgroup in Point of Sale - Group your products together within a Product Type, in Point of Sale. Enter new or existing Product Group
  • Sort Order - Determine order product displayed for online purchase. Default will be alphabetical. Blank values will be presented last.

Once products are added into GymMaster and received as Stock, they can be purchased via Point of Sale