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Point of Sale

Point of Sale is the system used to manage and process sales transactions, such as purchases of memberships, products, or services.
The point of sale system in GymMaster can be integrated with other software and hardware such as cash registers, barcode scanners, and payment terminals, making it a comprehensive solution for managing all aspects of gym operations.

Make Sale using POS

The sales process in GymMaster generally involves four simple steps;

1. Setup Sale

  • Check correct Staff Member and POS Station are selected
    • Logged in Staff Member will automatically be selected
  • Assign Member to connect purchase / payment to member. Recommended
    • An assigned purchase will be recorded on the member accounts tab. Only purchases assigned to a member can be refunded
    • When arriving at POS via Member page or Schedule booking purchase, member will already be assigned

2. Select Items

  • Determine and enter the items your member wishes to purchase, including;
    • Products - examples Food and Drinks, Merchandise, Supplements, are added in Products
    • General Sale
    • Gift Voucher
    • Pay Owing
    • Deposit To Account
    • Make sales for classes / services via Schedule; Book Member into Class / Book Member into Service
    • Make sales for memberships via Membership Tab
      When arriving at POS via booking a class / service or selling a paid-in-person Membership you will see purchase pre-selected in Cart on right column

3. Payment

  • Select one of following;
    • Bill Member - If the member has got billing details this option will then send the sale to your billing provider to take payment.
    • Charge Member - If the member has no billing details, you can charge a sale to a member’s account to be collected at a later date, the member will then owe for this sale
    • Make Payment - Pay Now, manually. Choose payment method
  • Make Payment Options are determined by selections made in Payment Methods

4. Complete Sale

  • Click Complete Sale to complete transaction
  • Cancel transaction anytime using the Cancel button