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GymMaster Gym Software Manual


Members generally refers to Current Members, but can also include Casual Members and Expired Members.
GymMaster provides tools and features to manage and engage with your members effectively.

Many tasks related to members can be carried out through the different tabs within each member’s page

Manage Training

Assign and view individual members' training programs, health metrics, and grading achievements in the Training tab.

Workout Programs

Create individualized and generic workout programs for your members.
Once added to their profile, members can access their workout program via the Member App.

  • Create a Library of workout templates via Workouts Configuration
  • Assign generic workout template or create individualized program

Assign / Create Program

  • Go to Find Member > Member Profile > Training Tab
    • Within Workouts section at top, select either;
      • Add New Program - create a new workout program specific to this member
      • Add New Program from Template - Assign an existing program to this member from Workout Library
  • Save

Measurements and Progress Summary

Measurements are biometrics; the assessment of relevant physical health details such as height, weight, circumference of body areas.
Trainers can log physical details of members when needing to monitor progress over time.

  • Begin by setting up required measurements and units of measurement under Measurement Configuration
  • You can then;
    • Add and track measurements over time
    • Set and complete measurement goals

Add Measurement

  • Select this option to;
    • Input initial measurements
    • Update them over time
  • Changes over time can be compared via Date Selection of Measurement

Measurement Goals

  • Goals for any/multiple measurements can be added
  • Once goals are reached, select Completed

Members Grades

Grading allows recognition of achievement within a discipline, such as martial arts.

  • Set up your disciplines and grade levels via Grading Configuration
  • You can then apply grades to your members
  • Go to Find Member > Member Profile > Training Tab
    • Scroll down to Member Grades
    • Select Start New Discipline
    • Select relevant discipline for your member
      Member will be Promoted to the next grade once they have fulfilled the requirements set within Grading Configuration, or promoted manually by selecting Promote within their Training tab