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GymMaster Gym Software Manual

Member Holds

A Member Hold is a temporary suspension or freeze of a member’s membership plan, initiated by member or staff.

Manual Holds

Manual holds are the process of gym staff manually placing a member’s account on hold.
This may be due to member request, holiday or illness, or initiated by staff in response to a member behavior.

Apply Manual Hold

  • Go to Find Member > Member Details > Membership Tab

    • Select Hold Membership
  • Select Membership/s you wish to add hold

    • Add Reason for hold (optional)
    • Select Start date of hold
    • Select End Date OR Duration of hold
    • Select fee for adding hold;
      • Free
      • Setup Cost
      • Ongoing Fee
      • Continue Regular Billing
    • Enable End Hold on Member Return to end the hold earlier than the selected end date if the member returns before the hold period is over
    • Select Prorata Membership Fees to charge the member a proportional part of the fees based on the timing of the hold
    • Enable Disable New Bookings and Classes to prevent the member from enrolling in classes and bookings during the hold period
  • Save