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GymMaster Gym Software Manual

Member Page

Manual tasks related to members can be managed through the different tabs within each member’s page


Many of your communications can be automated through use of your Templates and Tasks and Automation pages.
Communication includes emails, SMS, call logs, contracts, waivers, questionnaires, notes and awards.

Add to Communication Log

In-person communications and paperwork can be added to your member’s communication log.

  • Go to Member Details > Communication tab

  • Select Add

  • Select;

    • Add Note - note will be stored in communication log
    • Add Task - assign task specific to member. For example, add Personal Communication Task to assign a staff member to contact member
    • Add Call Log - staff can log all calls made to member for accurate communication history
    • Upload Files - paperwork, signed paper contracts, waivers and so forth can be scanned / photographed and uploaded into members communication log
  • Save