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GymMaster Gym Software Manual

Measurement Configuration

Set up units of measurement and the body metrics your trainers wish to measure and log.

Measurement Categories

GymMaster comes with pre-loaded categories and a comprehensive selection of measurement options

  • Go through each category
    • Enable / Disable / Delete measurement options provided
    • Add new measurement options
      • Select Add Row
    • Allocate unit of measurement required for each option, based on selections for length, height and weight made in Measurements Unit Configuration
      • For measurements which do not fit those units, such as blood pressure (mmHg) or VO2 Max (ml/kg/min), you can select;
        • Text - input text into field
        • Other - no unit of measurement will be specified
  • Save

Add Measurement Category

  • Select Add Measurement Type
    • Name category
    • Add measurement options required using Add Row
      • Complete details of each measurement
      • Enable measurements
  • Save

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