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GymMaster Gym Software Manual

Measurement Configuration

Set up units of measurement and the body metrics your trainers wish to measure and log.
Once set up, trainers can log and update individual member measurements under Manage Member Training

Measurement Unit Configuration

Set consistent units of measurement for weight, height and length.
These will be used for all measurements of weight, height and length.

  • Go to Settings > Measurement Configuration > Measurement Unit Configuration.
  • Set;
    • Height - mm, cm, m, inches or feet
    • Weight - kg or pounds
    • Length - mm, cm, m, inches or feet

Measurement Categories

GymMaster comes with pre-loaded categories and a comprehensive selection of measurement options

  • Go through each category
    • Enable / Disable / Delete measurement options provided
    • Add new measurement options
      • Select Add Row
    • Allocate unit of measurement required for each option, based on selections for length, height and weight made in Measurements Unit Configuration
      • For measurements which do not fit those units, such as blood pressure (mmHg) or VO2 Max (ml/kg/min), you can select;
        • Text - input text into field
        • Other - no unit of measurement will be specified
  • Save

Add Measurement Category

  • Select Add Measurement Type
    • Name category
    • Add measurement options required using Add Row
      • Complete details of each measurement
      • Enable measurements
  • Save

Manage Member Measurements

Measurement assessment, changes and progress per member can be entered and tracked in GymMaster, via the Members profile page.
To learn more, go to Measurements and Progress Summary