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GymMaster Gym Software Manual

Doors and Readers

GymMaster software combined with door access hardware form an access control system which allows automated individualized entry

Installation and Documents

One GateKeeper unit will connect GymMaster with up to 2 access doors and 4 door readers / reception readers

  • It is recommended that a qualified electrician or security installer follows provided installation instructions carefully.
  • When selecting an installation location, ensure that the central unit is easily accessible to the indicator lights on the front panel for simple troubleshooting if required.

Installation Guides

Gatekeeper and Readers h5 Wiring Instructions v3
Gatekeeper and Readers h4.2 Wiring Instructions v4
Gatekeeper Sentinel (Wifi) Setup Guide
GateKeeper Mini Setup Instructions Technical Tailgating Installation Guide

Setup Guides

GateKeeper H5 Setup - Register Your GateKeeper
Flashing SD card
Replacing SD card for Gatekeeper H5
GateKeeper H Bench Testing
GateKeeper Bench Testing in Test Mode
Tailgating Setup Support Guide



Return Documents:

Return shipping document for USA
Return shipping document for NZ/AUS

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