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Custom Fields

Tailor fields and sections within GymMaster to align with the unique requirements of your gym.

Prospect Funnel Stages

You have the flexibility to customize your Prospect Funnel Stages to align with your gym’s specific journey from prospect to membership.

Consider the different stages a prospect might go through at your gym, and adapt the funnel stages accordingly.

Each step that requires staff action should be included in the funnel.
As your staff interacts with prospects, they can progress them to subsequent stages for streamlined tracking and engagement.

  • Create / Edit your Prospect Funnel under Custom Fields > Prospect Funnel Stages
    • Edit existing field, or Add New Prospect Funnel Stage
    • Use blue direction arrows to select the order of your stages
      • Funnel Stage placed at the top of list in Custom Fields will be your first stage, the entry stage for new prospects
  • Save

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