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Tailor fields and sections within GymMaster to align with the unique requirements of your gym.

Membership Cancel Reasons

It’s important to know the reasons why members cancel their membership with your gym. GymMaster makes it easy to gather and analyze cancellation reasons to identify areas for improvement, tailor their offerings to member needs, and enhance overall member retention.

The membership cancel reason options are created under Custom Fields > Membership Cancel Reasons.
When a member cancels their membership, whether online or in person, they will be prompted to select an option that best suits their reason for cancelling.

Options may cover the following areas;

  • Cost concerns
  • Membership contract concerns
  • Time constraints
  • Location inconvenience
  • Loss of motivation
  • Injury or health issues
  • Unsatisfactory facilities or services
  • Personal fitness goals met
  • Change in fitness routine
  • Social factors

Use GymMaster Reports to collate and analyze data.

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