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Templates and Communication

Bulk Communication

  • To send one-off Bulk SMS or Emails to all members / select group of members, use Reports, as below.
  • To send automated communication in response to a common trigger event – for example an automated email to acknowledge a birthday – use Templates to create birthday message template, then Task Automation to automate it to send on each member’s birthday

One-Off Bulk SMS / Email

This process can be used for bulk messaging to Members or Staff.
Bulk one-off communications do not utilize Templates, they are sent via the reporting system.
Using Reports allows you to easily select, filter and find the exact group of members you wish to contact, in the same way you would select and filter a report.

  • Go to Report & Till > Standard Report > Member/Staff
  • Choose report that most closely matches the Member / Staff group you want to contact, such as Current Members
  • Select Show Report
    • Select Edit to apply any necessary filters
    • Select Send SMS or Send Email
    • List of members / staff will appear
      • Select All or Select Specific Members/Staff
    • Click Next
    • Write your SMS/Email message
  • Send

Bulk SMS / Email to Class Attendees

To send a bulk one-off message to members booked into a specific upcoming class;

  • Go to Schedule > Select Class
  • Select SMS Attendess or Email Attendees
  • List of members will appear
    • Select All or specific members
  • Click Next
  • Write your SMS/Email message
  • Send

Communication Settings
Individual Communication
Templates and Communication