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Bookings and Classes

This is the back-end of your Schedule. Set up your facilities, staff / trainers, classes and services to allow them to be scheduled and booked

Add Services

Once you have completed Settings and Categories, you can begin to add your services to GymMaster

  • Click Add Service - located on the top right corner of the Services page

Service Details

  • Enter Service Name and select the appropriate Service Category that it belongs to
  • Booking Length - set default length of your service, keeping in mind that the actual run-time of the service can be adjusted if needed when it is added to the schedule
  • Club List - based on Service Category settings
  • Allowed Resources - based on Service Category settings
    In example below, note the pre-selected Club List and Allowed Resources - these are based on selections made within the Service Category

Service is For

Allow access / select price based on member type

  • Current Member - member who has an active contractual membership with the gym and has access to all facilities
  • Casual Member - individual without a long-term contract or regular recurring payments to your gym. They may use club/class visit packs or hold a charge-per-visit membership
  • Booking Pack - prepaid bundle of visits that members can purchase to access services at their discretion over a period of time
    In example below; Current Members may attend this service for free, when included in their benefits. If their benefits do not apply, the price for Members is $25. Casual Members can attend for $30.00 per booking. Booking Pack Holders can use their service allowance to book this service.

Enable Online Booking

Allow members to book service through Member Portal and Member App

  • Open and Close Online Bookings - default is set within Service Configuration
  • Logo - will be displayed on Member Portal / Member App
  • Cancellation Mode - default is set within Service Configuration
  • Cancellation Charge Period - default is set within Service Configuration
  • Cancellation Fee - default is set within Service Configuration


  • Time Between Sessions - optional - establish a minimum interval between sessions for each member. For example, 7 days permits a member to book a maximum of one session per week

Commission Rates

Select flat rate or percentage rate per attendee


Services Complete
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