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Bookings and Classes

This is the back-end of your Schedule. Set up your facilities, staff / trainers, classes and services to allow them to be scheduled and booked

Facility Categories

Categories are useful tool for organizing your Facilities by group, making it easier to manage, view schedules, and generate reports.
For example, you might want to create broad groups like Yoga Rooms or Squash Courts.

  • Go to Settings > Bookings and Classes > Facility > Category List
    • Click on Add Facility Category
    • Complete details
    • If you choose to use the default categories provided, make sure to Edit the Category by clicking on the black edit icon. This will ensure that the default options suit your specific requirements
  • Note, the Period setting refers to the time blocks that will be displayed on your schedule. For instance, selecting 15 minutes would allow you to book a class or service to any Facility within that Category every 15 minutes from the top of the hour (e.g., 12:00pm, 12:15pm, 12:30pm, and so on)

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