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GymMaster Gym Software Manual

Bookings and Classes

Set up your facilities, trainers, classes and services to allow them to be scheduled and booked


Setting up facilities will create a schedule for each of your facilities.
It then becomes possible to Schedule Classes to your facilities.

Add Facilities

Facilities refer to the spaces or rooms within your facility that will be used to run your classes or services.

  • Go to Settings > Bookings and Classes > Facilities
  • Select Add Facility
    • Enter the Facility Name, select the Category
    • Choose a Roster that matches the availability of the facility
      • If no Roster matches requirements, create a new Roster using the + button on the right
    • Use the Master Resource option to avoid double bookings if a facility can be divided into two or more parts, such as a basketball court
      • To create sub-facilities, select the full facility (eg Basketball Court Full) as the Master Resource, and add sub-facilities with unique names, such as Basketball Court Side A/B
    • To prevent classes from being booked to a specific facility, de-select the Allow Class Bookings box during the facility setup
  • Save