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Billing is the process of handling automated and manual financial transactions related to membership payments.
It includes the generation of invoices, tracking payments, managing different membership plans, handling recurring payments, and providing a system for financial reporting.

Billing Setup

1. Choose Bank and Billing Provider

A billing provider is required in order to use GymMaster’s automated billing feature.

  • A billing provider is a third-party company that handles the financial transactions and processing of membership fees for the gym.
  • The billing provider integrates with GymMaster’s software to manage automated payments, recurring billing, invoicing, and other financial transactions related to gym memberships.
  • Some examples of billing providers that GymMaster supports include Ezypay, Stripe, Square.
  • By using a billing provider, gyms can streamline their billing processes and reduce administrative tasks, while also providing members with a more convenient and flexible payment options.
  • Additionally, a billing provider can help to ensure that all financial transactions are secure and compliant with industry standards and regulations.

The following links can help you understand billing providers and how to choose from what is available;

** Right Billing Provider for Me**
**Best Provider for Your Club**
**Providers in Your Location**

2. Setup Billing

  • Go to Reports & Till > Billing > Billing Setup

    • Billing Credentials

      • Select Automatic or Manual Billing

        • Automatic Billing is advised
        • You may choose to temporarily select Manual Billing while setting up your automated Billing process
      • Enter Billing Details

        • Once you have your Billing Provider/s, ask them for your API details.
        • You can enter details for multiple providers here, simply select a new billing provider in dropdown box
      • Select Member Portal billing providers

        • Once you have input API details, select which billing providers you wish to use for paid in full and recurring billing
        • This selection will come down to personal choice. Take into consideration the transaction fees of your billing providers
    • Billing Settings

      • Enable / disable various billing settings in GymMaster
      • Check through both Advanced Configuration / Member Portal Configuration tabs carefully
    • Billing Providers

      • This step is only necessary if your selected Billing Provider did not appear in your drop-down list in Billing Details
      • It is not necessary to disable unused providers

3. Add Member’s Billing Details

  • Members who sign up for membership requiring regular automatic payments will be asked to provide a payment method.
  • This will usually be Bank Account details or Credit / Debit Card details.
  • These details will be requested when they sign up via the Member Portal, and added automatically under the Accounts and Billing tab in their Member Profile.
  • If adding details manually see instructions Add Billing Details to Member

4. Send Billing / Collect Payment

  • If Automatic Billing is selected under Billing Credentials, your Billing Cycle for memberships will occur automatically.

  • The timing of your billing cycle will be based on;

  • Payment Frequency of membership held by member

  • Payment Day/Date default selection in Advanced Configuration - if selected

  • If Manual Billing is selected under Billing Credentials, or ‘Don’t Bill Automatically’ is selected within specific member billing settings, billing will only be sent when manually initiated.