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Member Page

Manual tasks related to members can be managed through the different tabs within each member’s page


Member Awards serve as a visual digital tool to note accomplishments of members, such as hitting significant milestones or acknowledging victors in competitions. Awards are viewed by members via the member portal.

Apply Awards to Member

Manual Awards

  • Go to Member Details > Communication Tab > Awards
    • Click on Add Award
      • Select Award Template, or create a Custom Award if this is a one-off award for this member
      • Complete details
  • Add Award to save

Automated Awards

  • Go to Task Automation
    • Follow instructions as described under add task
      • Define Trigger that needs to occur in order to activate Award
        • For example, to grant an award to members on their 100th visit, you’d create a task type that triggers on members' 100th visit, then create an award template for this achievement
      • Arrive at Awards option
      • Select Add Award
        • Select Award Template to be applied
        • If required template does not yet exist, it can be added here
  • Save